Scope and Growth of Selenium Testing

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Nowadays, software quality assurance (QA) has become an integral part of each project. Many organizations even adopt test-based development approach to make the coding compatible with testing modules. The QA professionals further use several test automation tools and frameworks to facilitate test management. As a compact and robust software testing framework, Selenium is used widely to web application. The open source framework was originally developed by a team of testers at ThoughtWorks in 2014.

But within a decade, Selenium has become synonymous with internet application testing. A number of recent reports have highlighted that Selenium skills has become one of the most commonly and widely required test automation technology. As each enterprise has to optimize the look, feel and performance of a web application to deliver user experience, Selenium testing is expected to grow steadily over next few years.

Why Selenium will Grow Steadily Over Next Few Years?

Open Source and Free
Selenium was released by ThoughtWork under the Apache 2.0 license. So the testing framework is open source, and can be downloaded by users without paying in charges. The open source and free nature of the framework helps enterprises in curtailing testing costs. They can further use the web application testing frameworks along with several commercial tools to optimize test management. As an open source framework, Selenium can also be accessed by both small, medium and large enterprises, and independent QA professionals.

Support for Multiple Web Browsers and Operating Systems
Each internet application must run across several web browsers and operating systems to keep the users engaged. So QA professionals look for a set of tools that allows them to quickly evaluate the performance of the application on some of the widely used web browsers. At present, the framework supports major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The users can simply launch Internet Explorer or Chrome, and run the tests. But they can record and playback the test scripts using Mozilla Firefox. Selenium also supports several operating systems like Windows, Linux, OS X, and Solaris.

A Complete IDE for Internet Application Testing
The Selenium IDE comes with a set of advanced tools that allows users to record, edit and debug tests without putting any extra effort. As the IDE was earlier known as Selenium Recorder, it includes the tools required to test web application tests. In addition to being recorded automatically, the test scripts can be edited manually to optimize test management. The testing professionals can quickly edit the test scripts by using the auto-completion feature and moving around the command.

Client API for Several Programming Languages
The Selenium IDE records scripts in a special test scripting language called Selenese. But the testers have option to write the test scripts in a variety of programming languages in addition to Selenese. The Selenium Client API supports a number of widely used programming languages like C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Python. So the QA professionals can choose the client API according to their choice of programming language, and call methods to communicate with Selenium smoothly.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support
While migrating to a new web application testing framework, the QA professionals require additional training. The tools provided by Selenium are well documented. So the QA professionals can refer to a complete documentation and use guide to understand how the tools function. The Selenium IDE further includes a full functional reference that the testers can refer to. At the same time, the QA professional also have option to avail the assistance of the official user group. There are also a number of companies that provide commercial Selenium support according to the needs of clients.

An organization further has option to choose from several Selenium components according to the requirements of a web application development project. Along with the Selenium IDE and Selenium Client API, the users also have option to use Selenium Remote Control (RC). These components further allow enterprises to choose optimize test management by using customized and advanced tools. If you are planning to hire selenium web services testing companies, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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