QTP testing - An Overview of Its Features

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QTP or Quick Test Professional is a tool designed and developed by HP, to assist the testers in performing automated functional evaluation of software packages in a smooth as well as seamless way.
QTP developed by HP uses VB Script with a view to automating the applications. This means there is no need to install the scripting language as Windows OS comes up with an inbuilt scripting engine. Now, QTP comes with certain unique features that need to be discussed and understood.

The most prominent feature of the latest version (version 11) of QTP is that there is the provision of identifying the CSS based objects and the XPath. When we speak about object identification, it is not the customary object identification process that is seen in the QTP tools, but it comes with XPath as well as certain CSS identification properties.

The latest version has also come up with a changed getup that has made it more attractive than the previous ones. Particularly, there should be a special mention about the result viewing option of the latest version. It comes up with a visually appealing executive review page that contains summary data, a series of graphic figures like pie charts and stats for the current, as well as the previous test case runs. It also provides a quick link that takes the viewers to the results of the earlier runs.

The latest version also features syntax hints that provide the users the option of creating REG EX. Then there is the REV or Regular Expression Evaluator that can be used to test the regular expressions that have been created. Another prominent feature is the option of identifying the objects that are not only related to each other, but also to the other neighboring objects. It is due to this particular feature, that the version 11 of QTP has gone many a miles ahead of its predecessors in terms of reliability.

This is more prominent when things are compared with the ordinal identifiers. Objects that are identified with the ordinal identifiers are good. However, they can be trusted only when they maintain their respective relative positions in an application. As soon as these positions get altered, these ordinal identifiers lose their credibility and efficacy. With the introduction of VRI or Visual Relation Identifier, this limitation has been eliminated.

Another feature that needs to be mentioned about is the Run Time Load Function Library. This is possible with the Load Function Library statement. With the help of this statement, it is possible to load a particular function library. QTP also comes up with an integrated Service Evaluation option that helps the users assess the GUI as well as the non GUI based applications in a singular run. Another key property of the QTP version 11 is its ability to receive .NET or Java log framework messages from an application that can be subsequently embedded or wrapped within the results yielded by the runs.

The users now have the liberty of using new two functions – EmbedScript/EmbedScriptFromFile and RunScript/RunScriptFromFile. These two functions help the JavaScripts to be loaded on the browser pages, which can then be subsequently used for performing various operations like retrieval of data from browser pages of applications.

The users can even use the WPF as well as the Silverlight Add-in Extensibility Software Development Kit (SDK) with a view to developing support for testing 3rd party as well as customized WPF along with Silverlight controls.

It also features Extensibility Accelerator that helps in the development of WebAdd-in Extensibility. The feature also helps avoid the downtime that can be attributed to failure of license servers. Thanks to the redundant license servers, it becomes possible to create failovers so that in case the main license server gives in, the remaining ones will make sure that the license remains void and active. This ensures that there is a least or no downtime or license loss for the users. If you are planing to hire custom qtp testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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