Mobile App Testing and Your Enterprise

With the advent of smart phones and the advancement in the mobile technology, people are using the device more and more for the purpose of communication and for accessing the web. Statistics show that in the near future, the number of people using mobile to access the web will be far more than people using the desktop or laptop to do the same.
With the increased popularity of the smart phones, the competition among the mobile app developers has also increased as each strives to make their app a favourite among the target customers. One of the best ways to make your app a favourite among the customers and to generate profit for your enterprise is by testing the developed app before launching it for public usage so that you can rectify the necessary glitches that may cause the dissatisfaction of the customers.

mobile app testing
In order to perform the mobile app testing procedure in a simple yet effective way which also saves time, you may want to follow certain strategies which will help you to enhance the customer base of your enterprise and also earn greater revenue from the satisfied and loyal customers.
  1. Determine the most Popular Devices: As an app developer, your first and foremost job would be to determine which kind of device is most popular among your customers so that you can create an app which is compatible to those devices and test them accordingly. The enterprises should also be far sighted so as to know which device will take the market by storm in the future.
  2. The Legacy Devices: Certain devices take the market by storm and create a place in the minds of the customers by their own right. These devices may no longer be available at the store or the companies might have stopped updating their OS, yet they remain a hot favourite among the users. The enterprises have to keep these legacy devices in mind while testing their respective mobile apps.
  3. Thinking Globally: While you are planning on testing your app, you will have to keep in mind a global market. As the business of your enterprise will be expanding, so will your customer base which will expand beyond the limits of your own country. You will then have to test your app in a manner so that your customers across the globe are satisfied by the service you are providing.
  4. Size Matters: Estimates show that by 2020 the number of people using smart phones will be nearly 24 billion. With the increase in consumers, there will be a considerable surge in the types of devices. While testing for the developed apps, your enterprise will have to take the screen size and resolution of all these devices into account. You will also have to remember the tiny devices like Apple watch, Google glass, Samsung gear etc. Into consideration which can be used to access the apps.
  5. Android vs. iOS: This is one of the most persistent points that every enterprise who develops and tests apps must take into consideration. Although the majority of mobile app users use Android, the global survey shows that 50% of the app testing time is dedicated to iOS apps each year due to the fact that Apple updates its OS along with the apps unlike Android whose updates take up longer time to reach and get updated by the customers.
All in all, if you want your enterprise to have a profitable future, app testing is an absolute must which is to be done under all circumstances for the benefit of both customers and service providers.
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