Types Of Automation Testing Tools Available And Their Features

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The busy nature and financial situations of the world today demand fast completion of projects so that money as well as time can be saved. As such it is a challenge for developers and software development organizations to complete their projects in lesser amounts of time, while using the minimal resources. Software testing can be tedious, laborious as well as time consuming which demands resources, resulting in more expenses. This has led to the popularity of automated testing which refers to the automation of the manual testing process. There are a lot of things which cannot be done manually but can be accomplished through this. Life becomes much simpler when this kind of evaluation is adopted. The immense popularity has led to the development of several kinds of automation testing tools. Some of the notable ones along with their features are given here.

QTP Professional- This HP tool provides regression as well as functional test automation meant for software environments and applications. Featuring graphical user interface, it supports scripting interfaces as well as keyword. Its main features include broadest as well as deepest insight of the industry into assets controlled by IT, a comprehensive, secure and operational environment, cascaded optimization system, screen recorder, business process testing, enhanced expert view, etc.

TelerikTestStudio- This testing software is all-in-one and used for load, functional, mobile app as well as performance evaluation. The functional evaluation is in-depth, including desktop, native, AJAX, HTML5, WPF, Silverlight, tablet along with mobile web app evaluation. On top of that, the product may be relied upon for testing of Telerik controls, JavaScript calls, client-side behaviours, dynamic page synchronization, XAML animations and UI virtualizations.

TestComplete- This tool allows the creation, management as well as running of tests for whatever windows, rich or web client software that you want. Anyone can easily create automated tests. Some notable features include easy extensibility, applications validation, test cases automating with scripts which gives total flexibility, black-box evaluation, extended support for 64-bit applications as well as third party controls, scripting, keyword testing, open APIs, tons of documentation, web as well as windows evaluation, etc. It is like a package which contains almost everything; almost anyone can start the evaluation without requiring any special sets of skills. The price is low, but the features are powerful with impressive support resources.

Rational functional tester- This automated regression as well as functional evaluation testing tool provides evaluation capabilities to testers for functional, regression, data-driven as well as GUI evaluation. The features include simplified visualization as well as test creation with storyboard appraisal, provision of lifecycle traceability, streamlining of automation by virtue of keyword testing, dynamic data validated by virtue of dynamic data validation wizard, controlling test script version for parallel development, proxy SDK, etc.

Selenium- This portable framework is perfect for web applications. A playback or record tool is provided by Selenium to author tests without knowing about the test scripting language. The features include playback and record, Xpath when needed, intelligent selection of fields, automatic completion of all normal selenium commands, setting as well as debugging of breakpoints, walking through tests, ruby scripts along with other formats support, options for automatic assertion of title in each page, supporting selenium user-extension file, etc.

Watir- Pronounced as water, this open source tool belongs to ruby library family for automating of web browsers. Easily legible as well as maintainable tests can be written through this. Simplicity and flexibility are its elements. The features include connecting databases, reading spreadsheets as well as data files, exporting XML, structuring the code as libraries which can be reused. Results are also cross-checked by it.

Automation testing tools are must-have for any QA team which needs to conduct software appraisals so that the rapid development schedules can be maintained and software be delivered on time. The tools described here conduct the various kinds of tests that include code auditing, functional along with load tests, test management and coverage monitor. Developers can choose the tools according to their requirements so that bugs, if any, can be found and changes be made accordingly. You can outsource automated testing services to software testing companies in India who can help you in testing your application within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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