What does a Cognitive Visual Test Automation tool have to offer?

Disorders existing in the visual pathways have come up as one of the most alarming group of traumas and diseases that lead to optical disability, affecting both children as well as adults. Optical disability may be caused due to brain damage resulting in structural changes or damage to the eyes along with the visual pathways that affect the quality of the information that is entering the brain. It may also be caused by ocular motor function damage or alterations in the visual information processing structure within the brain. Cognitive tests are essential for identifying all these conditions that may affect proper functioning.

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Again the tests are crucial for identification and management of dementia. Although it is true that older adults commonly suffer from optical impairment, little research has been done to establish the influence that this type of impairment has on cognitive test performance. Moreover, the screening tests that are most commonly used for detection of dementia usually rely on vision. Studies conducted in this field have repeatedly proved that researchers and clinicians are required to take into consideration the visual demands of these cognitive tests utilized in research and clinical findings.

Significance and Factors affecting Cognitive Visual Test Automation
Computerized assessment is one of the best methods to utilize for early detection of alterations in cognition. Computer tests are offered in a standardized format, take into account a wide range of capabilities and help in recording the accuracy and speed of response with a sensitivity level that is not feasible in other standard administrations. 

These characteristics are extremely essential for early detection as well as for extending the test range to be sensitive to MCI as well as to the other increasingly pronounced alterations taking place in the initial stages of dementia. When compared with conventional neuropsychological assessment instruments, automated tests also represent a prospective cost saving, with respect to the supplies and materials as well as the time required by the test administrator. 

Here are some of the factors that affect the test situations in case of a cognitive visual test automation. These factors might not be normal and might affect the person's performance so far as a particular task is concerned.
  • Whether the person is able to maintain direct attention towards the test stimulus.
  • Whether the motor functions for execution of the plan is available.
  • Whether the visual field incorporates the test stimulus.
  • Whether the position of the person concerned is not inhibiting the response.
Benefits offered by Cognitive Test Automation tool
There are manifold advantages that a computer based assessment system has to offer so far as cognitive visual test is concerned:
  • Since the automated tools reduce the need for administration on behalf of the trained personnel, they make considerable room for scheduling flexibility and cost savings. In fact, there are certain batteries which are completely self-administered.
  • Another striking benefit of the test batteries over conventional assessments is the flexibility offered with respect to instantaneous adjustments for performance levels. A number of batteries are capable of automatically changing the order of the tests along with the presentation rate and difficulty level.
  • The level of precision offered by the automated cognitive visual tests is commendable.
While carrying out the cognitive visual tests, the cognitive strengths as well as the weaknesses of the person should be considered. Many argue that scores obtained from automated cognitive tests are not comparable to those that are obtained from standard tests, since the selection of items as well as the test taking experience might dramatically differ. However despite these concerns, automated tests are quite reliable and can go a long way in the assessment of cognitive visual functioning. You can hire certified automation testing services for leveraging the benefits offered by test automation.

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