What Testing means to testers?

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There is no doubt that testing is the heart of a software project development process. Without a tester the project won't release for sure. Every project team member has their role to play, everyone has their own distinctive challenges. The Quality Assurance Tester gains respect by holding the bar high, carrying the quality of the product and being the champion for the extent of quality product throughout the organization and is also responsible before the project gets on the web.

Every work is unique and dependant on each other in software development field. A developer needs a tester and viceversa before a defectless product is set on fire on web. A testers job is equally tough and stands high than a coder's job. The entire project depends on a tester's consent. No matter what type of product or application one working on, it’s important that the final product be high quality and free of bugs.

3 Essential demands of software testing by testers

Mobile web: People are going mobile these days. Every person look into their smartphones to get the latest update that he/she wants. According to a recent Pew Internet Research study, 64% of adult Americans go online using their mobile phone and 21% use their mobile device primarily to go online, so it is important to have a user-friendly mobile experience. Users find it easy to tap on links or buttons may be too close together or too small to allow for comfortable tapping. Be it booking a movie ticket, or finding the nearest Mcdonald's restaurant near by to his location, users peep into their cellphones for this information.

Call-to-Action: The landing page or the homepage where users land on should explain to the user what they can use the site for and how to get started. Check the main pages have a clear “Get Started” or “Do This Now” indicator. If not, users will leave the site instantly or wander around aimlessly. The main aim of any good website should be first impression last longer and pull more and more customers.

Page layout: Items that belong together should be placed close to each other. Make sure that labels and instructions for input fields, such as a phone number format example, appear close to the input field. Dropdown arrows for accordion elements should be next to the section title rather than all the way off to the side.

16 characteristics of a good tester and the way he looks what testing is all about:

Be Skeptical: As a good tester don’t believe that the build given by developers is bug free or quality outcome. One has to question everything dissect and get into the roots and should check whether the product meets upto client's requirements. Tthe build provided that one takes a look at and realize it defect free. Don’t believe anyone no matter be the designation they hold, simply have to go to details and take a look to seek out errors. And every requirement has to be tested thoroughly till the last testing cycle.

Ensure user Satisfaction: Need to think of the fact that what will make users happy. So that they will use the applications with ease. Don’t stop by testing the quality needs. User are often satisfied only if testers give flawless free product. So put yourself in their shoes. Know the taste of end users first. Their age, education even the location matters most while using the product. Make sure to prepare test scenarios and test data accordingly. After all project is said to be successful only if end user is able to use the application successfully.

Prioritize Tests: First identify important tests and then prioritize execution based on test importance. Never ever execute test cases sequentially without deciding priority. This will ensure all important test cases get executed early and won’t cut down on these at the last stage of release cycle due to time pressure. Also consider the defect history while estimating test efforts. In most cases defect count at the beginning is more and goes on reducing at the end of the test cycle.

Be Open to Suggestions: Listen to everyone even though you are an authority on the project having in depth project knowledge. There is always scope for improvements and getting suggestions from fellow software testers is a good idea. Everyone’s feedback to improve the quality of the project would certainly help to release a bug free software.

Test Early: Oneshould not wait till initial build for testing. Have to begin analyzing necessities, getting ready check cases, check set up and test strategy documents in early style part. Beginning early to test helps to test the complete project scope and therefore designing is done consequently. Most of the defects is detected in early style and analysis part saves large time and cash. Early demand analysis also will assist you to question the planning choices. Risk management is a three step process. Risk identification, analysis and mitigation. Incorporate risk driven testing process. Priorities software testing based on risk evaluation.

Do Market Research: Don’t think that your responsibility is just to validate software against the set of requirements. Be proactive, do your product market research and provide suggestions to improve it. This research will also help you understand your product and its market.

Develop Good Analyzing Skill: This is must for requirement analysis but even further this could be helpful for understanding customer feedback while defining test strategy. Question everything around you. This will trigger the analysis process and it will help you resolve many complex problems.

Focus on Negative Side: As Well Testers should have test to break attitude. Concentrating on only positive side will almost certainly create many security issues in your application. You should be hacker of your project to keep other hackers away from it. Negative testing is equally important. So cover a good chunk of your test cases based on negative scenarios.

Be a Good Judge: Judge product well whether it is right or wrong. Judge listens to both the sides. Same is applicable for testing. As a software tester if one think something as right, try to prove it why it is not wrong and then only accept it. One must have valid reason for all the decisions.

Stop the Blame Game: As a team one should not blame others. However in any state of affairs never blame anyone. If a blunder happens,we have to first try and resolve it instead of finding somebody answerable. As an individual's everyone makes mistake, therefore try and avoid blaming others. Work as a team build a good application where everyone feels responsible about it.

Be a Good Observer: Keep track of all major and minor things on a software project. Observe the way of developing the code, types of testing and its objective. Observe and understand test progress and make necessary changes if it is off the track in terms of schedule or testing activities. A good tester should be updated and ready with course of action for any situation.

Building a career in testing is indeed challenging and with right spirits and positive attitude one can excel in testing filed. “Fight for the right”, should be the testing aim for everyone who does testing. As a tester one should continuously strive to become better and better. Remember testing indeed a challenging job and it is also creative too. Its all about delivering the best flawless product to your customers. If you are planning to hire software testing companies, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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