Is Selenium Testing the future of software testing?

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Why Automation testing: With time the size and complexity of software development process is increasing in a rapid pace. In this situation, it is extremely difficult for a manual tester to test a huge application with own expertise and experience. Moreover, there must exist bugs in an application due to human errors. To avoid this typical issue, the industry is now depending on the software to test their applications with more accuracy. These software are otherwise known as automation testing tools and it helps the automation testers to get a better and efficient end product. Moreover, automation testing tool helps in decreasing the need of human effort and hence increasing the productivity for the organisation. On the other hand, it is extremely reliable to test a specific function of an application repeatedly through a single test case that can be run multiple times which results in efficient management of resources. Hence automation testing tools like QTP and Selenium are in huge demand in the industry.

Web applications to rule future: There is no second view about the future of web application development in the industry. There is increase in the size and number of software applications with time due to heavy demand of the corporate. Moreover, almost all industries are getting captured by the eco-system of web application. Moreover the increasing volume of smart phones and tablets in the globe which enables the user to connect through internet are making the environment hotter. So in such a wide volume of web applications it is really a tough job for the automation testers to check the quality of their application in order to sustain in this competitive market. There Selenium comes into our mind. Because, this is the best automation testing tool for web applications till date in the industry.

Selenium for web app testing: Selenium is designed for modern web applications that run on modern platforms like android, iOS etc. Though there are many automated testing tools are available in the industry but Selenium has its unique presence which makes it to rule the industry. Selenium is totally dedicated for different types of web applications for different purposes and platforms. A Selenium automation tester can test web apps for modern browsers efficiently and effectively in less time. Moreover the automation tester can test mobile apps and hybrid apps using Selenium automation testing tool. Selenium testers can also test very large size web applications using different methodologies in less span of time and more accuracy.

Selenium for cross platform testing: As we have already discussed Selenium testers can test web apps for different platforms like Android operating system and iOS. Well it requires some basic scripting knowledge of languages in which the application is being developed. We can develop a common application for both Android and IOS and can test the application for the compatibility in both platforms. We can’t ignore the future potential of Android and IOS web apps in the industry and hence the importance of Selenium as well.

Future of Selenium testing: Till there is a possibility of growth of Android and IOS web applications in future we must find a bright and potential future of Selenium in the industry.

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