Various Tools Available for Automated Testing of your Website

Websites are an important part of our daily life these days. Developing a website may seem to be easy but there are multiple features that must be taken under consideration before launching it for public use. There are several issues like website functionality, security, accessibility, usability, compatibility and performance which needs to be tested before the website can be launched. And these are some of the major criteria that companies providing web development services should always adhere to.

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Following are some tools which will automatically test all these criteria and repair the probable flaws.
  1. Apache JMeter: When it comes to testing the load, performance and stress handling capacity of the web application, you can blindly trust Apache JMeter. This load testing tool supports all available platforms and is written in Java 6+.
  2. NeoLoad: NeoLoad which is made for Linux, Windows and Solaris, specializes in checking the website for increased loads on the same. It helps in measuring, analysing as well as improving the performance of the website under stimulations such as added loads.
  3. Selenium: Comprised of four basic components, viz. Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium is by far the most popular automated testing tool for testing your website. It specifically checks your website for any functional issues that may be diminishing its popularity.
  4. Screenster: Screenster is yet another functional testing tool for web applications that is compatible with the latest browsers that are available. This is one of the best screen validator available which requires no coding and provides accurate and precise results.
  5. SpringTrax: SpringTrax is an awesome cross browser link manager which detects, evaluates and repairs all kinds of broken links as well as 404 errors in the web application being tested. It evaluates both the lost traffic along with the visitors who use JavaScript tracking code.
  6. LinkTiger: LinkTiger is an awesome piece of automated website testing tool that performs smoothly on Windows, Linux as well as Mac. It checks your website for all available links and provides you with result in form of pie charts containing page status, link status and dead link errors.
  7. NTOSpider: NTOSpider is an automated security testing tool for websites which scans the website for every possible security issues that it may encounter and that too in a small amount of time. This cost effective tool also provides security to the website that is being tested with it.
  8. NMap (Network Mapper): Linux, Microsoft Windows, BSD variants – Mac OS X, AmigaOS, Solaris, HP-UX and SGI IRIX, whatever may the OS be that you are using, NMap (Network Mapper) works equally well on all. The cross platform security checking tool is automated and checks the system by delivering target packages which scans the system and provide with precise results.
  9. Browsera: Browsera collects and reports all the cross browser issues that may be curbing the performance of your website. It is supported by both Windows and Mac OS and compares the various browser outputs to find the underlying cross browser issues that may be affecting the functionality as well as performance of your browser.
  10. IE NetRenderer: IE NetRenderer allows quick and easy testing of the cross browser issues and reports it to the respective people so that they can be rectified. It also simultaneously checks the website under development in real and parallel times.
These are some of the top notch automated tools which you can use to test your website for the all-round performance and security issues of your website. These automated tools provide you with highly precise results so that you can deliver a superior quality product to your customers.
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