10 Questions of Testing Automation Estimation

The very next step that follows coding is testing and if you want your product to perform successfully then this step is most vital. Automation is the best bet for error-free testing; for automation testing you need a code that will validate as well as test the software. With the help of this step you will be able to control and modify the product effectively. However this implementation has some risks associated and to eliminate those you have to take some factors into consideration while testing automation estimation. Here are some questions that might be worth answering when doing this.

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Can we estimate how much time will be needed for the testing?
This is a question that often arises in the minds of people as many believe that time is money and sooner we can make the product available, sooner we can reap the benefits. But in reality, there is no point in trying to measure a metric called productivity. This involves dealing with abstract things and thus it cannot be worked on or calculated like that.

What reference can be used for creation of the automation solution?
The answer should be anything describing your wants related to the application exercise. The skeleton reference should be achieved by creating mind maps of application features and then attaching whatever the application will be able to do with each feature. Collect information or data from varying references to make the frame solid.

Can test steps or test scenarios or test cases be used as automation estimation’s basis?
If you do not know what is inside the test cases, it is completely useless to count test cases or test steps and use that particular number as base for automation, in fact anything.

How will I know if the testing is going as per the schedule or not?
It is pointless to try and measure the efficacy of a process. Information related to process, data, keyword, hybrid, etc do not act as measurements. Instead you should be asking questions like how long it will take for functioning of automation.

How much time will be needed?
We should approach the process with care and patience. While trying to calculate an estimated time we should take into considerations time involved in all minor processes and sum them up. This time should be taken as the minimum time; we should expect the time to increase since there are other processes associated like final setup, integrating, testing, etc.

How to tell whether there is any movement in the process?
Writing code is a lot different than a lot of manual thing and far removed from a process where you have to repeat small operations that will lead to a specific result. Inspiration makes the writing smooth flowing but lack of it along with going in wrong directions can stunt the process. So, you should hire skilled developers and let them do the job.

What is automation then?
When we want to do testing automation we have to write the code which is often very complex like the tested project's source code. Before we begin the testing process, we have to write, debug and test the code. But we do need it since it consists of standard procedures and we can evaluate the updates and changes of the project.

Can the process be named with keywords for expression of my needs?
Keywords act as labels which are used by developers for naming of easiest as well as smallest pieces of the work done. The process of using keywords does not work anymore; rather the solution is in open source coding.

Automated testing tools- what are their roles?
Things like automated article or book writing tools are equivalent to automated testing tools. They are not of any use. The developers can only be aided by one tool- their brains.

How to start the process?
While starting you have to take the smallest block of the coding unit into consideration. Consider the block types you will be getting as result, whether class or function, then estimate the time needed for writing of 1 block. Clear ideas about this will help you calculate roughly the job's size.

Automation effort estimation is not a simple process. You have to build as well as calculate according to your own model. Major apps will take a lot of time along with effort. However, the end result will be a product that is finely tested as well as nicely working. Top automation testing companies have built in models which can help you estimate effort better than making ballpark estimates.

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