Challenges faced in Manual and Automation testing

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During the entire software engineering process, several challenges are faced in each phase. So it should not be a surprise that there are quite a number of challenges during the testing process as well. Mostly, testing can be divided into two types- manual and automated. Both of these processes involve individual problems associated with them which will be discussed here.

Manual testing challenges

Excellent skills required- In this process, no software can aid a tester, he or she has to rely on their skills to manage all the problems cropping up which may turn out to be a complicated process. Thus, this requires the person to be extremely skilled as well as able to handle various things efficiently at the same time.

Cannot be applied for entire application- Just some parts of an application are perfect for manual evaluation; the large amounts makes it impossible to manually execute all test cases. Executing all the test cases would consume a huge amount of time, thus delaying your project. Moreover, in some cases some steps might have to be repeated a few times on various machines, operating systems as well as browsers. In this scenario, evaluating manually will pose a huge problem due to the time needed for completion.

Error-prone- A huge disadvantage is not just its repetitive as well as monotonous nature, but the fact that it is extremely error-prone. Any slight miscalculation, incorrect data or missed step may lead to false results as well as defects.

Time constraints- There should not be any time constraints associated with the test cases since the process can be time consuming and if it is done with hurry there are chances of overlooking defects which might in turn result in poor quality products.

Automated testing challenges

Organizational challenges- Despite common perceptions, even automated testing is not that easy. It may be complicated and it needs the support of the management. It needs people with proper skill as well as training, the correct tools as well as time so that it is executed properly. The practise must be organized efficiently with proper as well as consistent documentations. In case of any problems in any of the factors mentioned here, the process may not turn out to be the one imagined originally.

Unrealistic expectations- Most often many people have a false sense or unrealistic expectations. They think all problems will be magically found in the shortest amount of time possible. However, in reality it may not be so. In case the software is complicated then straightforward processes may not work; there may be the need of repeating the same process several times on different scenarios. So, it is best to keep expectations to a reasonable level.

Maintenance- With the modification of software, some parts or even the whole test suite may have to be updated so that the re-run can be successful. For automated tests this is an extremely important step. This involves a lot of effort which might turn out to be slightly challenging.

Correct assessment of tools used- For the evaluation process, there are lots of tools in the market. But not all of them are suited for your requirements. In fact some of the tools might look really good on the paper but might not give you the result that you are looking for in that particular environment. So it is best to try and analyze the technical aspects of the software or tools before using them.

These are just a few of the most notable problems seen while carrying out the evaluation process. It is a general rule that no one process can be absolutely perfect. This is why most testers these days adopt the unique combo of manual as well as automated testing. They conduct manual evaluation on certain phases of software while on others automated evaluation is carried out. This offers the best aspects of both the practices, making everybody the winner. If you are planing to hire qtp automation testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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