QTP Testing - Is it the future of automation testing

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Testing is the heart of software development process: The process that starts before the development process, remains with it throughout and ends after the development process is nothing but testing. This clearly indicates the importance of testing in the software development life cycle. Industry understands the true power of testing and hence it gives maximum priority to testers. Experts believe that testing is the key to success for any software application or product; because it determines the quality and reliability of any application or product. If a software application or product is tested properly then it will definitely exert better user experience to the end user. As a result it will get more popularity in the industry and will create a brighter future for itself.

When there is complexity, we have to consider Automation tools: Before a decade, all the software applications were being tested manually. At that time, testers used their experience and expertise to test an application thoroughly so that it can be bug proof; but there always presence of bugs in the application due to human error which can’t be avoided at any circumstance. To overcome this issue the industry developed many software tools to test an application thoroughly and efficiently that too within less span of time. This testing software is otherwise known as automation testing tools. QTP is one such automation tool for improved and efficient testing of a software application. This is highly recommended in case of huge data application like banking domain, educational domain and public domain etc. Through automation testing tool a tester can test any complicated or complex application in less time with more accuracy. This feature of a testing tool makes it a perfect choice for big data applications.

QTP is a high performance automation tool: When we deal with huge software applications it becomes a headache for the tester to test each and every aspect of the application thoroughly and efficiently within the dead line. It creates heavy stress upon the tester before it goes live. QTP can help in avoiding this situation to a large extent. An efficient QTP tester can develop highly optimized test cases to test an application thoroughly and repeatedly that may require from time to time as per the demand of the application. Moreover all the iterative functions and modules can be tester efficiently with a common test case prepared by the QTP tester.

It can be extremely helpful for huge applications: Well, we have already discussed about the efficiency of QTP for big data applications. The best part is that QTP does not require you to learn multiple languages to write the test cases. A QTP tester can write all his testcase using VBScript alone. This is highly productive when we think about different types of applications.

Efficiency at its par: Every automation testing tools are developed for efficient testing in mind and so the case for QTP as well. It is extremely powerful and efficient for what it is intended for. Hence you can rely on QTP for all your testing needs at any point of time.
If you are planing to hire offshore QTP testing companies for software testing projects, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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