The future of manual testing

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Manual testing is still having that essence as it had before a decade! Manual testing is the traditional method of testing an application or product. In this type of testing methodology, the tester doesn’t take any help from any software tool rather he performs the testing process by his experience, expertise and effort. Hence it is really a hard task when a manual tester is projected to test an enterprise standard large scale software application or product. Moreover due to repetitive modules in an application, the testing process becomes even more tedious and irritating. To avoid this situation, industry has developed many testing software tools known as automation testing tools to help the manual testers in lessening their effort and time to a large extent and transform them to automation testers. But, even today we find millions of manual testers working in different software firms with dignity. This is because; there is still heavy demand for manual testers in the industry in a wide range of situations. Especially when we are dealing with small to moderate software applications like website projects, the budget is limited and it will be unwise to hire an automation tester for our purpose. Moreover we can’t bear the extra load due to the high cost of the automation testing software for our project and this kind of projects accounts for more than 80% of total. Hence there is a strong demand for manual testers even today in the industry.

The future will rely on Hybrid testing i.e. combination of Manual and automation testing: Though automation testing is a new generation efficient and effective testing approach, but it can’t take the place of manual testing entirely in the industry. In many cases, we have seen the combination of both manual testing and automation testing results in a magical output. This is because; there will always some modules in the software application or product that needs special treatment from the manual testers. In those cases, we can’t rely over automation testing tools at all. Hence experts believe that the combo of manual and automation testing is much more powerful and efficient than that of either of them. This methodology is known as Hybrid testing approach. Recently, we have seen a stiff growth of Hybrid testing in the industry.

Still a bright future ahead for manual testers: As we have already discussed above, automation testing tools are growing in a rapid pace in the industry; still we can’t ignore manual testers. There will always need of manual testers in the industry for efficient and effective testing needs. Moreover even though the industry is developing highly complicated software applications or web applications to meet the ever changing demand of the customers, still it is limited to 20% of the total. Hence there is a tremendous scope for manual testers in the industry that is flooded with millions of software applications that require extensive expertise and experience from manual testers. Even in the second decade of 21st century we can clearly visualise a bright future ahead for those manual testers in the industry.

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