Need of automation in software testing of Android Apps

Android App Automated Testing
Google’s Android is becoming viral in the industry: After the success of Apple’s iOS, many IT giants introduced their new smart operating systems to challenge the monopoly of Apple. Google come to the industry with its flagship product i.e., Android operating system in the middle of first decade of 21st century. Though it had not received an overnight popularity in the industry, it gained popularity slowly yet steadily up to Android 2.3 i.e. Gingerbread. After that it gained tremendous reputation in a very less time span in the industry and now it has the largest eco-system in the market. With interactive features like material design, user friendly interface and low cost of ownership, it becomes the first choice of every buyer. With the latest Android5 i.e. lollypop, it overcome all barriers and come out as a gem in the industry. Now Apple’s iOS 8 is far behind than Google’s Android lollypop in many departments.

Android app volume rising at an exponential rate!! With the increasing popularity of Android operating system and Android devices, the demand of Android app developers is increasing in a rapid pace. Users are demanding more and more quality Android apps for better user experience. On the other hand, Android developers are working hard to build enterprise standard high quality Android apps. Well the volume of Android app is increasing at an exponential rate and is much larger than that of apple store. In this huge volume, it is essential for an Android app to be accepted by the users only by its quality and reliability.

Quality can be achieved through proper testing: Testing is treated as the fate line of any application or product; because it determines the quality and the usability of the application or product. Tester used to test the application scrupulously with their experience and expertise in the domain. With time, the complexity of Android apps is increasing at a fast pace. As a result, it creates headache for the manual testers to test each and every tiny aspects of the Android application. For better testing, we have to rely over a new generation automation testing tools like Selenium, QTP etc.; but for Android apps, we should use automation tools like Robotium or Selendroid i.e. Selenium for Android.

Automation testing tool like Selendroid can help in getting better Android apps: Selendroid is a next generation automation testing tool dedicated for Android apps in different formats like native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. It has many advanced features that make it perfect for Android app testing like Gesture support, UI element founder, built in Inspector etc. Moreover, an Android app automation tester can also handle multiple devices at once through Emulators from within the Selendroid environment.

Robotium can also help you in getting an outstanding Android app in an efficient manner: It is an open source Android app testing framework and having a stupendous potential within itself. It can be used for all types of Android apps like native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. Moreover, a smart Robotium tester can also test an APK file where he is unaware about the implementation process. Well, it supports features like toasts, menus, context menus etc for Android platform.

It will also improve the productivity: With automation testing methodology, the effort and time of testing will decrease tremendously and hence the cost of testing will also decrease. As a result the productivity will increase significantly.

At Mindfire Solutions, we have been providing Mobile app testing services to our esteemed clients. We have specialized teams for Android App Automated Testing: they use various tools like Robotium etc. Please feel free to write to us if you want your iOS or Android apps to be tested by our specialist testers: Our Software testing consultants will revert back within one business day.
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