Benefits of Independent Software Testing

What is Independent testing? In past couple of years, we have seen a sudden increase in popularity of independent testing in the industry. There are many factors those trigger this popularity and we will discuss them in latter section of this topic. For now, let us know what is independent testing. Independent testing refers to testing a software application or product by anyone other than the developer or someone who is not at all close to the developer or the project. Basically there are 3 types of situations in which, independent testing is performed. A person who is unaware of the project or developer when tests the application. A tester from an isolated team or group, tests the application. A tester when tests the application from a remote place like a new organization or firm.

Get bias free bug fire from independent testers: With independent testing, you will get all the bugs fired by the tester in an effective manner. This is because; the tester tests the application thoroughly without biasing towards the developer since he is unaware of the developer. This will help in testing an application in a transparent manner where there is no influence of the developer or even the project manager of the project.

It’s easy to keep track of all testing related costs for a project: When the testing is done by an independent tester, the testing cost can be well analysed and calculated by the client. This is because; the testing operation is performed in a remote place or organization and hence the client can note the amount of money dedicated for the operation through those firms. It makes sense, when you try to find out the different types of costs associated with different phases of the development process.

You can outsource your testing process to a third party software firm: If you are developing an application within your premises or through a offshore software development firm in a remote place you have the option to outsource the testing process to the same software firm or to a new independent testing firm for quality testing purpose. There are many dedicated software firms working only on testing domain to serve the industry with high quality application or product. There are also many software firms having an outstanding portfolio in testing domain over a long period. You can hire any such reliable firm for efficient yet quality testing service. Mindfire Solution is such a reliable software firm having expertise in testing domain for more than a decade. You can choose Mindfire as your testing partner for outstanding end product. The best part is that when you choose a third party testing firm, you will get an extensive testing methodology from the dedicated firm who is unaware about your application. Hence they will treat your project in a superior manner and try to find out each and every loophole of your application. This will definitely help in improving the quality and user experience of your application to a large extent once all the reported bugs are fixed by the developer.

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