Reviewing the QTP testing tool

QTP testing services
Why Testing? Testing is the most important stage of software development life cycle; because, testing determines the quality and reliability of an application. The testing process remains in contact with the development process from the very beginning. When the software developer develops a small module, it needs to be tested immediately so that we can avoid all future mistakes. This is called as unit testing and in this process small units of an application get tested by the tester one after another. Then the developer takes immediate steps to fix all bugs and issues of the unit. Well, a developer could not test his application properly, because developers know the flow and back ground processes of the application. Hence he can’t judge the mistakes of his application rather he will never find it difficult to check the user interface and hence he has to rely on the tester to check the application from the user’s point of view.

Why QTP automation testing? Traditionally, testing was performed by the manual testers who use their experience, expertise and effort. With time, the complexity of software applications get increased and hence created problem for the testers. It became tedious and frustrating sometimes. There are many modules with similar functionality and they all need to be tested separately one by one with the same effort as that of the first one; this made manual testers more irritating than before. To avoid such situations, industry developed many software tools that can help the testers in testing the application quickly and with less effort. Those software tools are known as automation testing tool and QTP is one of them. QTP is famous for software applications that can run on windows machines.

QTP for all your windows applications: You may consider it as a weakness of the tool or may be a strong point; anyway, QTP can test all applications that are supposed to run on windows environment. Unlike other testing tools that are limited to desktop application or web application or mobile app, QTP can handle all types of application for Windows operating system may it be desktop application or web application. So, we can say it’s a friend of Microsoft.

You need not to learn many languages to develop test cases: Well, for automation testing the automation tester needs to write test cases for different applications and for that he must have the knowledge on the language for writing the test case. In selenium, the automation tester needs to write the code in the language same as the programming language of the application, so it becomes difficult to learn various languages to develop test case for different web applications. But, with QTP, you need not to write test case in different languages rather, it can be written in one language irrespective of platform i.e. VBScript. It makes lots of sense from the tester’s point of view.

It is a reliable testing tool! Well, QTP is from HP and we all know the quality that HP provides through its product. You need not to bother about the quality and reliability of this tool and above all, there is a strong support from HP.

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