Selenium and its basic features known to every tester

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Why Automation testing? Testing is the most important phase in software development life cycle. It is considered as the success pillar for any software application; because the quality and reliability of any software will depend upon the quality of the testing methodology applied to the application. Hence, industry gives maximum priority to software testers considering their importance. A tester works as a connecting bridge between the developer and the end user. The developer is aware of its application and hence could not understand the pain of the end user; so the tester comes to the picture. The tester tests the application from the user’s point of view and reports the bugs and enhancements to the developer. Hence they are given maximum priority in software industry. Sometimes, the testers are subjected to test a large application having many repetitive modules, a large number of modules and many other constraints. In that situation, the tester feels exhausted and his efficiency decreases. To avoid this situation, he makes take the help of testing software or tool i.e. automation testing tool. These testing tools are highly efficient and optimized to make industry standard reliable output.

Selenium for web application testing: Selenium is one such automation testing tool for quick and efficient testing purpose. The only limitation is that it can be used only for web applications. The tester needs to develop test cases to execute the testing process. We usually find many similar modules in a large web application and those iterative modules can be tested with a single test case for several times from the tool itself. It will help you significantly in avoiding mental stress and human errors.

It can save your time, money and effort: Well, automation testing tools are designed to save the effort and time of the automation tester. Here in case of Selenium tester, he can save sufficient time for the testing process. Moreover, it will definitely help the tester in increasing the productivity. Hence it is highly recommended to use selenium testing for especially large scale applications.

Selenium for cross platform testing: The 21st century is dominated by many smart operating systems to deal with various smart phones and tablets. The major operating systems are android and iOS. When you are developing a smart phone app, you must have to consider about these platforms. Moreover, you should check how your web app will look like in different platforms and browsers. For the same you can use a simulator; but, what about the functionality? To test the functionality, you have to use selenium testers. Selenium testers can check a web app in any platform without any hassle due to its inbuilt functions. Moreover, selenium provides support for any language i.e. the language over which the web application is being developed. The only thing is you need to have some basic knowledge on the language.

Bright future for Selenium testers: Well, there is a bright future for the web industry and there is no second thought about it. Hence we can see a bright future ahead for selenium web testers as well.

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