How Does Web App Testing Help In Creating Better Applications?

There is no single answer to the question – how does web app testing help to create superior applications? Evaluation of web application is one of the most tried and tested ways of carrying out preventive maintenance of any application – just like a visit to a doctor’s clinic for an annual medical checkup. It can well be termed as an investment for keeping more expensive and more serious problems at bay. It is an investment for a secured future.

The world of internet or the World Wide Web as we call it, is often plagued by cyber attacks and hacking. In fact, as per the statistics, almost 75% of cyber attacks take place at the web app level while almost 70% of websites are precariously prone to hacking. That is why there is an utmost need to subject web apps to rigorous testing before they are made live.

Other factors for which it is necessary to subject web apps for testing are:

  • Lack of confidence in customers
  • Harm to the goodwill of a particular brand
  • Online disturbance that may lead to a downward trend of revenue collection
  • Long downtime of websites, loss of time as well as expenditures when it comes to repairing a particular damage. This may include reinstallation of service, restoring stuffs from the backup and so on.
  • Reduction of the cost that is associated with securing web applications against possible future cyber attacks
  • Keep under control the legal fees along with the implications that are related to the possession of any less-than-adequate security means in place

Technically speaking, the phase or chapter of performance testing is poised to fulfill a string of requisites simultaneously. The tests do the all that is needed to rectify the bugs that are embedded within the codes. These codes are responsible for slowing the app performance down. In fact, it is these tests which help prevent any potential catastrophe that might ruin the stability of the software.

These evaluations guarantee that each and every function is rightly in their respective places when it comes to factors like application security, performance, function of the app in question, access of the app to the regular users along with its capacity of handling heavy traffic flow under various types of circumstances. All these eventually result in a user-friendly experience from the client’s perspective. In the nutshell, testing helps the applications to deliver better as well as effective results that are far more superior to those delivered by untested applications. An application that is properly tested:

  • Helps to serve its users in a better way in their search
  • Accelerates and perfects the working of the app, and this helps to better the response
  • Results in more stability as well as the reliability of the application and this helps it to attract added attention from the users
  • Guarantees the operational success of the app in question

Hence, it can well be said that proper application evaluation can serve mutually for both the developers as well as the users. For the users, it helps in a better experience and for the developers it helps with delivery of a fairly high rate of conversion.

However, to make sure that the testing is done in a flawless manner and the evaluation meets its desired objectives, there is a specific way that needs to be maintained during the evaluation. The process of app evaluation should ironically be divided into a number of areas viz. Functionality Testing, Interface Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing, and Security Testing.

Again, when we speak about the approach that needs to be taken for core performance evaluation, it should chronologically involve identification of the test environment, identification of the criteria of performance acceptance, effective planning as well as designing of the tests, configuring the test environment, implementing the test design, execution of the test, followed by analysis, reporting, and last but not the least, retesting (if needed). You can hire website application testing companies who can help you test and analyze your web application performance.

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