Top 3 cloud based Load Testing web applications to consider

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It is high time for the business as well as IT community to fully unleash their power and they are doing so through Cloud Computing. Various cloud based tools are there which can aid several facets of IT development. There are several benefits associated with the usage of Cloud based testing tools instead of creating testing labs so that loading as well as performance testing can be carried out.

Some benefits
Using the tools help you to have an idea about the performance in realistic conditions, not in ideal conditions without any problems or complications. In fact, results based on such idealistic conditions cannot be trusted. All the important applications can be tested under real-life conditions. Another benefit is cost reduction as you do not need to invest in resources that support the building of separate evaluation labs. Time as well as effort is saved in the process.

There are several other benefits associated with using such tools, but which tool you should be using is a question that goes on in the minds of many people. Here are the top 3 tools that can benefit you; you can choose any one from these.

SOASTA CloudTest- This is available is virtual or physical appliance as well as on demand service from the cloud. There is a solo integrated platform that allows performance as well as functional evaluation. The test creation environment is patented as well as visual which is specifically designed for evaluation of modern mobile and web applications. Rapid editing along with creation is enabled by it, even if the tests are most complex. The cloud can be leveraged and tests distributed globally so that they be run affordably and executed at almost any scale. Actionable, immediate intelligence can be provided by virtue of real-time analytics which is a must requirement for environments to test live production. Through this you get an all-inclusive set of components which allow the accessing of options which can enable teams to execute scalable, frequent as well as affordable performance along with functional testing, no matter what the team size. In fact the tests can be carried out from the lab itself right through the live production.

PractiTest- This Test Management Platform is meant for IT teams and software applications. It is Software as a Service, combining the robust attributes of conventional quality management solutions along with the accessibility, cost effectiveness as well as flexibility of SaaS models in general. When you use PractiTest you are offered the advantage of being able to plan the test case, manage the issues along with increasing the QA team’s efficiency. This can be done immediately without any need for some basic initial investment, application issues or licensing hassles as such.

Keynote- This is often referred to as the international leader in matter of mobile as well as internet cloud monitoring and testing. This is self-service as well as extremely cost-effective. Keynote enables companies to know exactly how their applications, content along with websites perform on real networks, mobile devices and browsers. By virtue of the unique business model of keynote you can control your costs so that productivity can be maximized with cutting-edge performance and high-reliability. Its measurement services as well as products along with on-demand test help you receive performance metrics and feedback right then so that critical problems can be solved before the customers are even affected.

After the phase of functional testing, comes the very important phase of performance as well as load testing. This warrants a major decision to be implemented. The tool used should be such that it can relieve you of workload as much as possible. There are plenty of excellent options available to this effect, which are not even mentioned here like Parasoft SOAtest, BlazeMeter, GCLoad Proxy Sniffer, CLAP, LoadStorm, TestMaker, etc. Now it all depends upon your discretion. You can hire software testers from load and stress testing companies in India who can check for stability of your application.

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