How hiring a QTP tester will decrease your worries?

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Prior to discussing the benefits of hiring QTP testers, let us know what QTP or Quick Test Professional is.

QTP, launched in November, 2002 can be defined as a graphical interface record-playback automation tool that allows the automation of the user actions on computer applications that are web/desktop or client-based. The tool is primarily used to smoke test along with regression test automation. The tool uses a specific scripting language that is built on Visual Basic Script for specification of evaluation procedures and for manipulating objects as well as controls of the application that is subject to QTP evaluation.

Hiring a QTP evaluator naturally decreases the woes of a company by improving the quality of the projects. These professionals, with their expertise generate extremely powerful automation test cases as well as scripts in QTP.

These evaluators help with cost cutting of the companies by integrating a number of activities. This means, businesses can hire single QTP evaluation to cover up multiple areas of functionality. They complete the process of generating automation evaluation scripts in three different phases. While the first phase involves generation of initial scripts, the second phase involves enhancement of the existing scripts for generating more effective as well as robust scripts for evaluation. The final phase involves debugging of any errors in the evaluation scripts. This means, the ultimate product that is emanating out of the desks of the Quick Test Professional evaluator is absolutely foolproof, thereby reducing the woes of the companies to a significant extent.

Taking into account the need, these professionals also frequently run the evaluation scripts on various environments and are thereby able to track loopholes (if any). Thus, a successful batch running along with a defect logging helps the software to be absolutely free of bugs – something that each and every company looks ahead to. These testers do it successfully to ensure optimal client satisfaction, which in turn lessens the worries of the business itself.

These professionals also take special care for identifying the changes over major as well as a few minor releases to ensure that the script are not rendered defunct or out of place in a few months after installation. This is one of the main challenges a development companies face and these professionals help companies to get rid of this concern. The evaluators put special emphasis on identifying the changes that the product undergoes and hence change test cases to make them compatible with the changing business scenarios.

A majority of these QTP evaluations also involve UI test automation, data driven functional test automation, database test automation, User Interface test automation and so on to make sure that the software solutions are error free. This understandably lessens the concerns of the software development companies to a large extent.

Quick Test Professional itself comes up with the following features:

  • The tool is absolutely simple to use and it comes up with a simple interface.
  • The tool presents test cases as business workflow to the concerned tester and that makes it simpler to understand.
  • It uses a real language for programming with a number of resources that are available.
  • As QP is easier to understand, even a non technical person can adapt it and create various test cases. This means, there is no need for any technically sound person for running the evaluation – a fact that goes down well within the business fraternity.
  • With the help of QTP, integration of data table gets better as well as easier.
  • Parameterization is far easier with QTP that it is with WinRunner.
  • It is possible to enhance the existing QT scripts, even if “Application Under Test” is not available. It can be done by using ActiveScreen.
  • There are a number of existing functions that are available in QTP to be implemented.
  • The tool supports .NET development domain and supports XML

With all these advantages, there is no doubt that QTP comes in handy as a software evaluation tool that reduces the concerns of businesses to large extent. If you are planing to hire custom qtp testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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