Top Reasons to Use Selenium for Testing

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All software development groups have to test their products since the products that must be delivered generally contain a lot of defects. Before the product's release test engineers try hard to catch the flaws with the help of good manual testing methods which often end in vain. The best and most efficient way of testing the product is through automated testing. Creating automated tests is not only easy but even the repetition of such testing for performing of difficult tasks is quite easy, in fact far easier than manual testing.

Some small companies may find automated testing a bit expensive to implement but the big organizations find it imperative to use it. Through this evaluation method the test coverage as well as accuracy is improved in a very short time, that too at a very low cost. Since the IT world is so competitive, there are multiple options available for testers or companies to select the suitable types of automation tools- whether open source or licensing. Although both are quite popular options, open source evaluation tools are getting more popular.

They are actually created as collaborative effort for the programmers to improve the code and then share the improvements with the entire community. They come with zero charges; they can be downloaded for free. These are popular due to their interaction, integration, flexible development along with rapid debugging. Amongst the several open source tools available, testing with selenium is quite accepted due to the number of benefits and advantages that it offers. It is in fact considered as a software evaluation framework that is portable.

Most of the written or coded tests are conducted in a variety of programming languages which can be then run in majority of the modern web browsers, the same being applicable for Selenium. Selenium has 4 main variants- Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Remote Control and Selenium IDE which may be used in combination or in isolation for the best suited effect. Adopt Selenium testing for the following advantages:

  • More can be accomplished in lesser amount of time which will lead you to offer services to more and more clients.
  • One of the most notable features is that it is free and many people have adopted this method which makes it easy to find Selenium tutorials online. There are lots of online supports, tutorials as well as literature which can help and benefit you. Since it is open source, contributors from all parts of the globe can make improvements in it and you can take advantage of those improvements.
  • All leading programming languages, operating systems and browsers are supported by Selenium. Even multiple tests can be easily run altogether across servers at one time. In the coming times it may even be known as universal testing standard.
  • Quick feedback related to the application may be got in case of functioning.
  • Tests can easily be rerun if the demand so rises.
  • You can reduce the test operating costs dramatically with its help since it is not only sure shot but free as well.
  • Selenium tests can even be transformed into Java unit tests so that advantages of additional features like conditionals, looping and variables can be reaped.
  • A huge variety of IDEs may be used, thanks to this testing method.
  • Not only the browser and the evaluation method shows tight integration but there is also great flexibility as well as extensibility.

Despite the several advantages there are quite a few limitations as well like lack of support for files uploaded from local machines, provision of partial support to dialog boxes, supporting solely browser based applications, etc. However, the benefits are too good to be ignored which accounts for the popularity of the method among the crowd in general. This technology is rapidly growing and as part of testing industry you gain some basic knowledge related to it, especially since it is there at your disposal for free. With so many benefits, Selenium will definitely make your life a lot easier. You can get in touch with a custom selenium testing company who can help you in testing your application within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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