What are the advantages of testing mobile software with software?

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With rampant use of mobiles, it has become mandatory for developers to come up with various kinds of software and needless to say, they cannot be used without checking their functionality first which is the entire purpose behind testing. The software is tested for all possible problems and in all kinds of environments so that when flaws emerge they can be fixed. At one point of time they were manually checked but with time the testing method has shifted from manual to using software and tools for testing. Manual evaluation has many drawbacks including cumbersome, time consuming and pricey. So, now evaluation has evolved to using software for evaluating automatically, making things easier, faster and clearer for everybody involved. Some of the advantages of using this method has been listed here.

Saving time- For most people this is the biggest advantages. These days there is continuous running and racing towards the finish line. So many things to do but so little time; this is why using this method has been like a blessing for many people. This is true especially in case of regression testing which involves retesting an application if there has been any introduction of new features or even when changes are made to existing features. This change may result from fixing of defects, refactoring, etc. Since regression evaluation aims to make sure that the function is as expected, all the test scripts must be run. But time constraints often limit the number of tests run but using this method, the time issue can be easily resolved. You can save time and focus your attention on other relevant areas.

Repeatability- You can re-run exactly the same tests in a similar manner which eliminates any risk that is generally associated with human errors. Any kind of error may occur in manual testing which may result in defects that may not be identified. In fact, this method also eliminates the risk of reporting of bugs that are invalid which may result in waste of time for both testers as well as developers.

Speed- The tests run by tools are quite faster than those conducted manually by humans which again adds to the time-saving factor.

Reusability- Tests carried out this way make it possible for you to reuse them on various software versions, despite the changing interface.

Increasing coverage- Test suites or software created for the evaluation are often created in a manner that each and every feature in the application is covered, making them comprehensive.

Better quality- More tests are run with fewer resources and in less time, increasing the quality of the application manifold times.

Better understanding- This approach leads testers to get an intimate and rich understanding of content, structure, logic, data and flow of the application. This is because information is presented visually which makes it very easy for the human mind to interpret and understand the details.

Objective assessment- Manual calculations lead to omissions of something or the other by mistake or even some convictions or preconceived judgments may influence the incorrect interpretation of data. But this method ensures removal of preconceived subjective notions, making the assessment consistently calculated as well as more repeatable.

Cost reduction- Manual evaluation often involves a lot of costly resources; you can save money as well as precious resources by employing this kind of evaluation.

There are some disadvantages associated with the process as well. The formulation needs some amount of patience along with proficiency; you have to debug this properly in order to ensure that it works in the desired manner. However, the advantages are far too many as well as powerful to ignore this testing. This process leads testers to craft tests which are consistent, thorough, efficient as well as accurate. In turn the app's quality is improved, delighting the users. Web based software testing teams can help you in testing your application within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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