Why are in-house QA Teams giving way to Outsourced QA Teams?

Organizations all across the globe these days are heavily dependent on various software applications so that their operations are carried on smoothly. You cannot take the software's smooth running for granted, considering the consequences involved in case it does malfunction. It will just not be impacting the core activities of the company but flawed software may also result in security breaches. Considering the importance of a good software, testing makes for an indispensable process which has to be carried out. For the evaluation of the software, businesses adopt various kinds of methods, with gradual movements from one method to the other.

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A commonly used method is in-house QA testing of software. There are many benefits associated with adopting this approach, one of them being complete control of the company over the entire process. However, an entire team of completely dedicated testers cannot be employed by all organizers due to the economic aspect. Instead these days, the most popular method is appointing some independent testing firms or even freelance contractors for the performing of the evaluation. Complete offshore software application testing is the rage these days as there are a multitude of benefits associated with this approach.

Advantages of Offshore Software Testing

Time-saving- This kind of testing helps save precious time. Offshore testing sees experts implementing various instruments and techniques to eliminate all kinds of bugs and errors which improve the product quality drastically, saving you some time in the improvement process. Also, since all of your production and human resources are directed on the company's main activities, they receive full concentration. In fact, most of the testing companies have facilities for running tests round the clock. Long testing hours helps in quick finding out of the problems as well as fixing, which leads to quick product release.

Cost-effective- Often proper testing tools can be quite costly. On top of that qualified testing staff has to be hired and paid salary, making it not so feasible to many companies. With better and quicker alternatives to offshore evaluation people are turning to them. Not only does the quality of job done meets required standards, but the rates are quite affordable as well.

Bug-free- The most important aim in the software evaluation process is for it to be completely bug-free and when you hire reliable offshore companies you may be totally assured of the quality and fact of being bug-free. Since the companies hire qualified teams or individuals who use specialized tools and techniques, you can be sure that the product will be error-free.

Duplicate test environment- When opting for offshore evaluation, duplicate test environments are made available and the testers take their help for running of sample tests, examination of the data got from the evaluation process and evaluation of any other new release. These environments make it easy for the testers to experience the functioning of the live environment. The offshore team also creates test data as well as maintains them so that it does not bother the developers; this data can be used by developers later on for some other related project or development as well.

Expert advice- The offshore evaluation process is handled by the experts who can find alternative and effective methods for performing of quality evaluation activities which will be cost-saving as well as ensure a product that is error-free. Such focused and specialized attention is bound to provide the customers with more leverage in context of cost-cutting mechanisms, technical concepts along with innovative ideas.

Complete test coverage- Majority of companies that do offshore testing also provide non-functional as well as functional evaluations like regression, performance and stress testing as part of the package, ensuring complete test coverage from varied aspects.
There may be some problems associated with offshore evaluation due to communication and quality control, but the problems are far outweighed by the plethora of benefits that are associated with using this method, making it the newest as well as best method in the block.

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