6 Reasons Why Automated Testing Fails to Save Money and 6 Things You Must Do to Ensure Success

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An enterprise must consider automating its software testing to avail a number of advantages, along with optimizing the speed of development. But several reports have highlighted how many enterprises still consider automated testing to be too expensive. The cost of automated testing increases due to a number of factors. Along with hiring experienced software testers, an organization also needs to buy test automation tools, invest time in writing test scripts, and maintain test scripts to make these compatible with updated test automation suites. So the test automation plan of an enterprise must identify the key factors that process expensive, and the measures must be taken to save money.

6 Effective Ways to Optimize Automated Testing while Saving Money

1. Define Your Objectives Clearly: You can avail a number of advantages by automating your software testing. Along with saving time, automated testing can further contribute towards improving testing coverage and making the quality evaluation process smooth. Most organizations fail to save money by not defining their objectives in advance. While making the test plan, you must define its objectives and schedule clearly to avoid additional expenses, while keeping the software testing professionals motivated.

2. Hire Experienced Testing Professionals: Most enterprises do not understand the differences between manual and automated testing. So they deploy the existing testers or developers to handle the test automation project. An enterprise can save money by not hiring experienced automation testers. But the lack of specialized skills and experience in automated testing will increase the overall cost of the project, along with affecting the software’s quality and efficiency. That is why; you must hire competent software testing professionals to handle the test automation process.

3. Choose the Right Test Automation Tools: Many automation testing companies regularly launch new test automation tools to complement the upcoming trends in software testing. They also implement a comprehensive strategy to make their products popular by creating hype. Most enterprises prefer investing in the latest test automation tools with the intention of making their software applications flawless. But you can make automation testing more effective and inexpensive by investing in the right test automation tools. It is always important to evaluate the pros and cons of different tools and suits according to the specific needs of your project.

4. Enhance Testing Coverage: Nowadays, the performance and efficiency of a software application is impacted by the GUI, Web Services and Database Layers. So you must use customized test automation tools to check each aspects of the application architecture. While preparing the test plan, you must evaluate the application architecture in detail, and identify each functionality that must be evaluated. The strategy also needs to consider the third-party applications integrated with your application to deliver rich user experience.

5. Consider Automating All Types of Testing: Most enterprises ignore the importance of automating all types of software testing. The automated testing strategy of such organizations focuses mainly on functional testing. You must remember that along with functional testing, the regression and build verification testing also need to be automated. You cannot avail all advantages of automated testing without automating the all types of software testing completely. The automation of functionality, regression and build verification tests will further get you higher ROI in the long run.

6. Evaluate the Test Data Thoroughly: You must distinguish between the poor and strong test data to optimize automated testing. Further, the test data must be 100% accurate to make the application free from bugs, errors and flaws. Often false positive test results are decided by evaluating the data that is poor or inaccurate. So you must evaluate the test data thoroughly to determine their accuracy and effectiveness. Similar to making an automated testing strategy, you can also consider making a plan to create, define and manage the test data more efficiently.

An enterprise also needs to implement some of the automated testing best practices followed widely by companies across the world. Also, the test automation plan must be evaluated and updated regularly to complement the latest versions of test automation tools and suites.

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