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With the popularity of mobiles on the rise, the usage of mobile applications has increased as well. If you want to stay in the competition your application has to be successful which is reliant on customer experience analytics along with thorough testing. These will result in revealing friction points of the experience of a mobile user. The main point here is that the testing strategy must be fluidly intertwined with the mobile application strategy. For the creation of a mobile strategy that is comprehensive, various elements must be included along with network infrastructure. The target devices narrowed down and logical combination of evaluation tools including manual as well as automated should be employed.

For thorough mobile app testing you should take care of some aspects. Here are some insights which you should keep in mind while undergoing the task.

  • Cost for development of apps- Cost for development of apps is the very first thing that should be considered. Remember, even the most basic app can be a bit expensive. Creating even simple apps involves tremendous efforts, so if you think of doing the things yourself to save some money, be careful; only if you are extremely competent and are confident of managing the entire process by yourself, you should consider doing it. Hiring app developers will lead to billing by hour which will raise the total costs substantially. Developers will be there offering their services to finish the job at nominal rates, but find out whether the quality offered is suited for you or not.
  • Legal agreements- After finding right developers, proper legal agreement should be charted out, including payment along with other terms; this will ensure a trouble-free process.
  • Network environment- The varying network conditions tested should mainly simulate cellular along with Wi-Fi network connectivity. There are varying network protocols and each has their their own sets of interoperability, capacities and functionality. Decide the prominent types of network according to your demographic for the testing to be carried out.
  • Device Targets- Select the devices to test which you ultimately believe will be utilized by your target audience and use simulator testing and physical devices so as to attain maximal coverage. All devices are not created equally. Apps which perform on a Samsung android phone might turn out to be buggy on a Nexus. You must choose the devices which are most popular in your target market.
  • Pricing Your Mobile App- If one is thinking of fixing a charge for your app, initially one could charge anything between the range of $0.99 and $1.99. During special occasions and holidays you can possibly offer a discount. Of course, in case a developer is planning for app magnetization, he may also try offering your app free of cost, or offer any free lite version, just for the sake of testing the initial market response for your app. Thus, with such unique strategies for mobile app development, making money has become easier.
  • Writing a Description for Your App- Your app description should focus on what will attract users for the purpose of trying it out. See to it that the description is aptly worded. In case one is not well aware of this step, it is recommended to follow the example of how top-selling application developers describe their own. You can also design your own website and add a description along with a few videos or screen-shots.

The best way for testing the application is to try running it on the perfect device it actually requires. You can hire testers from top software testing companies in India who can help you in testing your application within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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