QTP Frameworks - Stuffs That Every Tester Should Know

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QTP Framework is a set of guidelines which might be followed while writing a script to achieve a desired result. It can also be defined as a Test Automation Framework which is used to ensures that the scripts that the programmers have developed runs as is expected without any errors. The code and the flows would also be easy to comprehend. In addition, the scripts should also be easy to maintain in case there are any changes in the scripting.

Certain Guidelines for QTP
There are certain sets of guidelines which the developers might follow while writing the script. Firstly, the coding standards including the name of the variables should start with the kind of the variable whilst the function names should begin with fn. Secondly, the structure of the data sheets and the way the workbooks as well as the individual sheets are grouped also have an impact on the QTP. The third guideline involves what folder structure is required to follow so that the test scripts may be saved. In addition to this, it also involves the object repositories, reusable libraries and test run results. Fourthly, it enumerates on how tests results are supposed to be stored and then displayed. Fifthly, in what way can different team mates access the shared repositories, libraries and how they might be updated? There are several such guidelines that help the developers to work in a consistent manner that finally results in a framework that would grant them with every advantage that the developers aim for.

The above mentioned points are merely certain guidelines and these are in no way mandatory to follow. I the development stages, the guidelines may vary from one situation to the other. If a developer chooses not to follow the above mentioned guidelines he can definitely run the scripts to check whether the applications are working fine.

Various frameworks used in QTP
There are different kinds of QTP frameworks that can be used while writing the scripts.
Firstly, there is the Linear Framework in QTP which is a basic one where the script is written as it is. Here all the steps associated with the script are written one by one.

The next is the Modular Framework. Here the complete code is written as different functions. These can be called whenever the need arises. What is important to note here is that these functions can be both reusable and non-reusable.

Another framework about which the developers must know is the Data Driven one. Here the data is kept separately from the code and preferably in an excel workbook. This enables the execution of a similar code for multiple sets of data.

The Keyword Driven one in QTP can lead to the creation of various keywords that can be further associated with diverse actions with the keywords. When this encounters a certain framework, it will perform the action that is associated with these keywords.

The Hybrid framework is another kind where more than one framework is combined. Depending upon the requirement of the developer the features from multiple frameworks can be amalgamated. Finally, there is the BPT one where the test case flow can be divided into several business components. These components can be further reused as and when required. A Quality Center access and BPT license are required for using it.

Features of a good automation framework
Regardless of which automation framework is used, there are certain features that make it a good one. It should be designed in a way so as to aid in achieving optimum reuse possibilities. The code that is developed should be easy to comprehend and maintain. This is vital as in most cases where this is being used for a longer span of time; several people would be in the project at various intervals. Thus, it cannot be too tough to understand for the new users.

Another common feature that the developers must look out for is the data parametrization. Testing data and keeping it away from the code becomes easier this way. Another impressive feature is the test results. These too should be easily comprehensible.

When the developers are developing an automation framework with the help of QTP they can include most of the features. Including this will enable them to create a framework that is effective. If you are planing to hire custom QTP testing company for software testing projects, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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