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MindFire has an outstanding track record in exceptional software development: Track record matters a lot in IT industry and it can’t be ignored at any cost. When a client decides to outsource his software application project to a third party software farm based out from a remote place, he must think twice about the future of his project with the associated software farm. Hence it is obvious to check the history of the software farm before he outsources his project to the organisation. On the other hand, software farms put their maximum effort in building good reputation in the industry because that will help them in bringing good projects for their organisation. MindFire solution is a software development farm based out from India to serve global clients and it has a good history of more than 15 years. In this phase, MindFire has already gained good reputation in the industry not only as a software development farm but also for its unmatched quality of testing in the industry. So you can rely on MindFire solution for your application testing purpose.

The CEO of MindFire has an unstoppable ambition for quality testing: The CEO of MindFire Mr. Chinmoy Panda has started his carrier in software industry as a tester in a reputed farm of the industry. Hence he knows how to make quality testing in a smarter way due to his prior experience and expertise. As a result, his brain child MindFire has gained unexpected popularity for testing software applications in the industry. Moreover, the organization is increasing its standard continuously in the field of testing with the supervision of Mr Chinmoy Panda in a very smooth yet faster pace.

You can save big bucks if you choose MindFire as your testing partner: Well, outsourcing means savings and you can do the same by outsourcing your project to MindFire for all your testing needs. The highly efficient and energetic team of testers in MindFire can help you a lot in saving huge bucks for you. There are both Manual testers and Automation testers working at MindFire who are extremely efficient and professional and they can definitely decrease your effort and money investment for your testing purpose.

Testing team of MindFire is simply superb: The combination of experience, expertise and efficiency can blow your stress in no time by the testers of MindFire. What is more? Both manual testers and automation testers can help you in quick testing of your application without compromising on the quality. QTP testers and Selenium testers are the weapon of MindFire tester’s team and they have gained good reputation in the industry.

You can absolutely rely on MindFire for all your testing needs: MindFire is fully loaded with industry standard software testers and they can serve you better in any circumstance. Moreover, you are also going to save a good amount of money if you choose to outsource your application to MindFire. So what are you waiting for? You can rely on MindFire without any doubt.

If you are planning to hire software testing companies for software testing projects, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

We provide QA testing services. If you would like to hire software test engineer for your testing needs, please contact Mindfire Solutions.
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