Some of the best testing tools available for testers

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Importance of Testing: Testers play the role of connecting bridge between the developers and the end users. The developers knew the flow of the programme and the background process of an application. So, while they browse the application made by them, they can’t feel any difficulty. On the other hand, the end user is totally unaware of the background process and programme flow. They can only understand what they see on the front in the user interface. So the developer must create a better user interface which can be easily understood by the end user. For the same, testers play an intermediate role between them. Besides checking for the bugs, and loopholes in an application the tester also gives feedback to the developer to improve the user experience of the application. Hence for a reliable trusted and robust application we must give the priority to the testers in our project.

Why Automation Testing: With every passing day, the complexity of software applications is getting increased due to increase in the user demand. Presently there is a huge volume of smart phone and tablet users in the world which enables them to be connected with their surroundings through internet connection and social media sites. Users like the way they browse internet from the portable device like smart phones and tablets. Hence the developers are now focusing on developing enterprise standard web application for different platforms and different screen sizes of computer devices. So it becomes a headache for testers as well to test an application for all these platforms and devices. To avoid this irritating situation, many automation testing tools are available in the market which can help to test an application quickly and efficiently. Moreover these automation testing tools can remove the doubt for an error in the application which is usually found during manual testing due to human errors. Let us have a look over some industry leading automation testing tools for your application.

Automation testing tools:
  • QTP Automation testing tools: QTP stands for quick test professional. As its name, QTP makes the automation testing not only faster but also efficient. To implement QTP automation testing in your application your tester must have knowledge on VB Script since he has to write the test cases with VB script. Well QTP can be used for any type of application may it be desktop application or a web application but all for the windows operating system only. It tests the application in a much faster and efficient way so that the end product is a stable and reliable one.
  • Selenium Automation testing tool: Selenium automation testing tool is a modern testing tool that can be used for web applications only which are in a boom in recent period. Moreover, it requires the knowledge of various languages depending upon the application for which it is going to be implemented. The best part of Selenium is it can test an application for mobile platforms like Android and iOS operating systems. This makes it a fast choice for the testers to make an automated testing for a mobile app or web app for modern devices.
  • Telerik test studio: This is yet another advanced automated testing tool which can be used for both desktop applications and web applications with added advantage of mobile application testing. It has a visual studio plug-in which may be used to test an application for any platform and cross browser tests. It can be used for testing the performance as well as load for your application. They are extremely reliable to test an application’s performance under extensive load of users. So this is best for any huge application which has extensive server communications.
All the above automated testing tools perform their task best in respective fields. But few common functions of these automation testing tools are cross browser testing, data driven testing, exception handling checking, validation etc which are the major requirements for any application.

If you are planning to hire software testing companies for software testing projects, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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