Reasons why software testing is getting more and more serious

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Time has changed a lot: In past few years the IT industry has seen a tremendous change within itself. The web development process has gained overnight popularity in the industry. Devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops have encouraged the industry to run after web applications. There are lots of new languages, Operating systems and platforms introduced in the industry in past few years; as a result, the users are getting a large numbers of options to choose from. This situation has increased the competition among the platforms to provide better and better user experience. In order to provide better user experience you must test your application thoroughly to avoid any loop hole in the application. There comes the importance of testers. A recent survey has revealed that, the industry has realized the importance of testing for the success of any application or product and hence they are taking effective actions for the same.

The industry is becoming more competitive with time: As we discussed above, due to many options in the industry; there is a stiff competition among the technologies and platforms. Users are accepting only quality products. They are now hesitating to accept anything that is thrown towards them. On the other hand, developers are giving maximum effort to build quality applications. But, all these cannot be possible without proper testing of the application. As a result many new testing methodologies have been introduced in the industry like manual testing, Automation testing etc.

Competition means quality oriented: When there is a competition, we can expect better quality output and so the case for software applications and products. Due to heavy competition, industry is carving for better and even better output. For quality output, we have to rely on reliable testing approaches. Hence there is a tremendous demand of testers and testing methodologies in the industry. Automation testing tools have received a tremendous popularity in recent period. It eliminates almost all drawbacks of manual testing to a large extend. Moreover it is highly efficient and effective for testing an application. It is best solution for any huge size of application. Automation testing tools like QTP and Selenium etc are future ready automation testing tools that are extremely helpful for cross platform applications.

Quality can be achieved through efficient testing: For quality output, industry is extremely serious this time; because there are millions of applications in the industry to serve the user in best possible manner. To make your application to be accepted by the user, you must make it perfect and for the same you have to consider for efficient testing. Automation testing tools along with manual testing can be a deadly combo for a exceptional quality of output. Because, there both efficiency and experience combine to give a better output. This kind of testing is otherwise known as Hybrid testing. Hybrid testing has gained a overnight popularity in the IT industry; because it results in outstanding output. Anyway, industry is giving maximum priority to testers due to their unmatched importance in any type of application development.

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