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Testing is extremely important for the success of any application or product: Tasting makes an application or product more refined and useful for the end user. It refines the product by providing necessary enhancement feedback to the developer and the web developer or application developer modifies the application so that it will be more useful for the user. Hence experts believe that testing is the most important assessment of the development process. While developing an application the developer doesn’t feel any difficulty while browsing his application since he is aware of all the background process and flow. In that situation, tester checks the application from the end users prospective and gives feedback to the developer to improve the quality and user experience of the application.

Automation testing is the nextgen testing tool: Before a decade, testing was performed by the manual testers who were putting their effort to test the application manually using their experience and expertise. It becomes a tough task for the manual testers to test a big application due to larger volume and complexity. Moreover there is always a threat of human errors during the manual testing approach. To avoid all these problems, industry developed some software tools which can be used to test an application through proper command from the tester in less time and with more accuracy. These software tools are otherwise known as automation testing tools and the skilled testers who operate these tools are known as automation testers.

Potential of automation testing for big applications: With time, users demand increases and hence the complexity of the applications. To handle these complex applications, industry rely on the automation testing tools like QTP, Selenium etc. These tools can help the automation testers in decreasing the testing time to a magical extent which in turn improve the productivity of both the tester as well as software farm. Hence there is a tremendous demand for the automation testers in the industry for future. The automation tester can write some test cases which can be used for the application to test each and every tiny element thoroughly. Moreover, the reusability concept of automation testing tools help in decreasing the effort of the tester to many folds because one testcase can be run multiple times in any application having multiple instances of some common modules. The best part is since the testing process is handled by the software tool hence there is no chance of any human error.

Reliability and quality at the same time: The most important feature of any automation testing tool is its reliability i.e., it can test the application thoroughly in different circumstances. It helps in tracing each and every tiny box or errors in the application within few seconds. The automation tester can see all those outputs in the console and accordingly he can give better feedback to the developer for improving the quality of the application. Hence we can rely on the automation testing tools without any doubt in mind for quality and reliable testing procedure of our application. Moreover these automation testing tools are highly optimized to meet the expectation of the end user.

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