Few Things to Consider before Hiring a Testing Partner

You can use any online search engine to gather information about the local and offshore software testing companies. But you will find it a daunting challenge to find a software testing partner whom you can trust. Most testing companies, nowadays, invest in digital marketing campaigns to attract clients through search engines and social media. Likewise, each company will try to convince you that you can trust it to complete the software testing project effectively in time and on budget. That is why; you must consider several factors to hire the right testing partner for your project.

Key Points to Consider while Hiring a Testing Partner

Decide Your Top Requirements: To effectuate shortlisting of testing companies, you must clearly define your requirements. Based on the selection criteria important for your project, you can do the initial filtering. While evaluating the services provided by each company, you must check if the websites mentions information about your top requirements. You can always shortlist the companies that write specifically about your top selection criteria.

Vendor’s Critical Mass: You also need to consider the company’s testing focus, size, scalability and brand image. When the vendor’s testing focus is tighter, it deploys experienced and skilled QA engineers. At the same time, the company must have adequate resources and manpower to deliver excellent service. The vendor also needs to be scalable enough to complete or accelerate the testing project by deploying additional testers and automation tools without compromising on quality. The pedigree or brand image of the company will help you in assessing its relevance, reliability and credibility.

Security of Critical Information: When you decide to outsource the software testing project, it becomes essential to share a wide variety of critical information with the testing partner. For instance, you will allow the testing company to access customer data, brand assets and intellectual property. As most testing companies nowadays use cloud computing, mobile devices and similar cutting edge technologies, the security of these critical data is compromised. So you must decide the security measures and infrastructure required for safeguarding the critical information.

Industry Experience: Along with technical proficiency, the team of testers also needs to possess adequate industry experience. The relevant industry experience will get you higher returns. To test software applications for clients belonging to complex industries like healthcare, finance and insurance, the testers must be familiar with key issues and trends. Sometimes changes in regulation require the software products to be tested using heterogeneous IT infrastructure. So you must focus on the relevant industry experience of each shortlisted testing company.

Business Model of the Company: The business models of individual software testing companies vary. Some companies provide delivery-driven testing services, whereas others provide client-driven services. The delivery-driven testers use a single model to provide services at reduced cost. On the other hand, the client-driven testers build customized delivery models according to the client’s requirements. The optimal testing configuration and customized services provided by the client-driven testers effectuate the evaluation of complex and frequently-changing testing projects. So you have to decide the appropriate model according to specific needs of your organization.

Build Trust Gradually: You must remember that software testing involves a huge amount of trust. The huge amount of trust cannot be build within a shorter span of time. To become a reliable software testing partner in the longer run, the vendor must fulfill the promises consistently. You can initially outsource small projects to the testing company to evaluate its track record and trust. Based on how well the company fulfills the promises, you can gradually outsource testing projects with significant risk exposure.

You must not shortlist the software testing companies only based on the search engine ranking of their websites. It is always important to evaluate the software testing services provided by each company according to specific needs of your project. Also, you must ask the prospective testing partner several questions to ensure that you can trust it to complete the project effectively.

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