QTP Testing – Where should you go when you need this urgently ?

First of all let us analyze what would happen if your software application is not regression tested when you fixed a minor change… Things can be smooth and run in your live production server and things can go wrong…Disastrously wrong because of one wrong fix at the wrong place which can mean total outage of your system from the live interconnected web world. But the costs of regression testing manually do not seem to justify itself. Hence it’s a catch 22 problem – You want to take up insurance but you don’t want to actually fall sick. So in this case, you would want to still do all the detailed regression testing for your application but you would like to reduce the costs to a minimum. The answer is QTP (Quick test pro). Quick test pro automated testing provides you with that flexibility of reduced costs and agility in your application. QTP has its own ‘record and play’ mechanism which runs your quick and minor development and run it every day without taking much time to assure you that everything are fine in your application and it will run without any error in your live server. If you have such situation in your day to day development work or your application break every alternative day when you fix few minor bugs then you would test once the Quick Test Pro (QTP) tool once and you can feel lots of difference in you development and testing cycle.

When we say about QTP, one of the most powerful automated regression testing tools in the market, we should be take the licenses cost in to the account. Although the cost of testing in terms of time, man power effort is low as compare to the manual testing but the license cost is bit high because of its sophisticated and high reliable features. If you want to try this QTP testing and don’t want to purchase high cost QTP license then you can get it in share basics. The best offshore location to have this type of automated regression testing of your application is QTP Testing India Mindfire team.

To address this concern Mindfire Solutions a leading offshore QTP Testing India hub, offers automated regression testing service on QTP Automation Testing in a very innovative way, In case you don’t have a QTP License in hand or your budget does not allow you to buy QTP license, we do have a special offer for you.
  • You can use our license for your application to tested.
  • Mindfire has QTP experts who will generate the QTP test scripts for your application every day or in the required interval of time and daily testing reports will be sent to you regularly, on your demand.
  • For your future use, we can send you the test scripts. If you purchase QTP license at any future date, you can use those in future.
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