Tips to Estimate Your Testing Efforts

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In order to ensure success of any project, test estimation, followed by a proper and accurate execution are absolute imperatives. In fact, these two are as important as the cycle of development itself. Hence, when it comes to building a good rapport with the customers, it is imperative that the correct method of estimation is followed religiously.
Now the question here is what are the ways to estimate the software evaluation efforts in the correct way? Let us discuss a few ways to do so.

Always take some extra or buffer time into consideration
The estimation time should be scheduled in such a way that it includes some buffer or extra time. However, it should be strictly on papers. This buffer time should not be added as it is unrealistic. It is only for the purpose of coping up with any holdup or hiccup that may come up during the course of development. Having a considerable buffer time also helps in ensuring a maximum amount of test coverage.

Take Bug Cycle into account
Considering the bug cycle is another way of estimating the evaluation efforts. The actual cycle of testing might take longer than what is estimated. Hence, in order to keep away from this delay, evaluators should always take into account the fact that each and every assessment depends upon the stability and steadiness of the software. In case there is any lack of stability in the software part, fixing the bug takes much more time for the developers and this automatically drags the evaluation cycle.

Availability of all the required resources during the stipulated period
Software evaluation estimation should also take into account the availability of manpower as well as other resources during the specific time of assessment. For example, all the planned leaves taken by the members of the evaluation team, particularly the longer ones extending for weeks or a month, and other emergency leaves are needed to be taken into account as that directly affects the evaluation activities. Estimation should also involve considering all the fixed resources that are available during the testing period. If and when the resources reduce, the estimation needs to be reconsidered as well as updated accordingly, in accordance with the available resources.

See whether it is possible to do any parallel evaluation
See if it is possible to conduct a parallel testing. It is possible to do so if any old version of the software in question is available. This will help in conducting parallel evaluation and compare the two outputs. If it can be done, that makes the entire practice trifle easier.

Indulge in some brainstorming
Indulge in some brainstorming session with your Development and Quality Analyst team and with your Business Analyst. This will help you cover all the pertinent points, besides assisting you to utilize them at each and every functional level.

Take into account the scope and the requirements of the project
Consider the entire requirement as well as the scope of the project in question and list down all the various types of evaluation that you need to cover under each of your deliverables. Put emphasis on resource planning as this will help you gauge whether the estimation is realistic or not.

Is load testing needed?
If a considerable period of time is to be devoted for performance testing, then estimation should be arranged as well as done accordingly. Estimating software evaluation for projects with the need of load testing should be done in a completely different way. If you need to put considerable time on performance testing, then estimate accordingly.

Besides, while taking the initial steps during testing it is imperative to consider whether any security or performance testing is needed. If so, estimation needs to be considered as well as tackled in an altogether different way. If you are planing to hire application software testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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