Top 5 Tools that Companies should Consider for Test Automation

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Each company has to consider several factors to develop a hugely popular software application. Along with optimizing the software’s look, feel and performance, the enterprise also needs to ensure that it delivers flawless user experience. So software testing has become an integral part of each software development project. A business can further automate the software testing process to identify and fix all bugs, flaws and errors within a stipulated time span. However, a company can always use top test automation tools to effectuate specific testing processes.

5 Widely Used Test Automation Tools that Companies Should Use

1) Selenium
Selenium is used widely for web browser automation. However, the test automation tools can be used for a number of purposes, including testing internet applications. In addition to being supported by major browser vendors, Selenium is also being used by many vendors as a native component of their web browsers. The QA engineers can customize the usage of Selenium according to their specific testing requirements. Also, they can use the tool to automate boring web-based administration tasks. The core technology of Selenium, at the same time, enables testing professionals to integrate it with other APIs, automation tools and frameworks.

2) Watir
Despite being simple and concise, Ruby programming language makes it easier for programmers to structure their code as reusable libraries, connect to databases, export XML, and read data files and spreadsheets. As an open source Ruby library, Watir is used widely for web browser automation. It allows QA engineers to accomplish several complex tasks by writing simple, flexible and easy to maintain test cases. Also, the testing professionals can use Watir to emulate user behavior by pressing buttons, clicking on links and filling in forms, while checking the test results. Watir can also be used to test internet applications written in several programming languages and web technologies.

3) TestComplete
TestComplete is hugely popular among QA engineers as a test automation tools that allows them to create automated tests quickly without having any special skills. It also allows testers to create, manage and run tests from any software. The test automation tool can be further used for testing both desktop and internet applications. It comes with useful features like comprehensive documentation, easy extensibility, flexible scripted testing both all software applications. However, the commercial test automation tool will require companies to pay a low price to avail its features and support resources.

4) Telerik TestStudio
Telerik TestStudio is considered to be one of the simplest test automation tools. The QA engineers can start using Test Studio simply after watching a couple of videos. The tool further enables them to create complex functional, load and performance testing simply through navigate, point and click. TestStudio is further designed as all in one testing software to test the functioning of desktop, web and mobile apps. The QA engineers can rely on TestStudio to additionally test client-side behavior, XAML animation, UI virtualization, JavaScript calls and dynamic page synchronization. TestStudio further provides a single platform to help software developers and testers to work as a single team.

5) HP Unified Functional Testing Software
The test automation tool was formerly known as HP QuickTest Professional. It enables QA engineers to test APIS, GUIs and multi-layer applications without using any other solution. Unified Functional Testing Software is further designed by HP with features to effectuate software testing process despite frequent changes in processes and technology. Along with improving software quality, the test automation tools further help companies in cutting overall testing cost. The testers can rely on Unified Functional Testing Software to conduct complex tests in the most rapidly changing environment. At the same time, they also have option to effectuate the process by integrating it with HP Application Lifecycle Management.

On the whole, each company has option to choose from a wide range of open source and commercial test automation tools. So it must evaluate the features and functionality of the tool according to its specific requirements. There are also chances that it may have to use several tools to automate the software testing process effectively. If you are planing to hire automation testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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