Is There a Real Need for Agile Test Plan?

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Test plans are an integral part of both traditional and agile project management techniques. Agile techniques do not differentiate between coding and testing. Also, agile testing covers all types of testing required to make the software flawless. The agile test plan aims to help QA engineers in deciding what needs to be tested and how. But in agile development, test plans are written for each release. The plan further needs to be updated and revised for every future release. So the test plan either complex or concise and lightweight based on the testing requirements.

Why Each IT Company Needs Agile Test Plans?

Address Key Issues
Test plans are an integral part of agile development. But the test plans needs to be updated and revised for each release. Along with being dynamic, Agile test plan also addresses several key issues including types of testing conducted in the specific iteration, test environment, infrastructure and test data requirements. The QA engineers can further make the test plan focus on test results. Based on the requirements of iteration, they can make the test plan complex by including all necessary elements.

Based on Features
Unlike conventional test plans, agile test plans are made based on features. In an agile environment, the items of a release are discussed much before the sprint. So the required testing types and their scope are conveyed to the testing team in advance. The QA engineers clearly understand what need to be tested and when they have to deliver the test results. It becomes easier for them to plan and execute the tests within a predefined timeframe. They can further automate some of the testing easily to deliver the results on schedule.

Divided into Time Bound Iterations
As noted earlier, agile test plans are made for a particular reason. So these plans are divided and organized into a number of time bound iterations. The length of iteration can vary from two to four weeks. During the iterations, the QA engineers are required to complete the required testing and deliver test results. So the test results and reports are delivered on a timely and regular basis. So the stakeholders can have clear idea about the current status of the project, and take decisions related to the software release.

Prioritize Nature and Amount of Functionality
The time bound iterations make it easier for QA engineers to identify the tests to be conducted, over a predetermined timeframe, at a relatively detailed level. According to the timeframe, the test plan clearly describes multiple levels of detail. The testing team further produces a plan that highlights the testing activities that need to be prioritized for the current iteration. The detailed planning help the team in effectively handle changes in the team, approaches, testing techniques and priorities.

Involves Various Stakeholders
The agile test plan further aims to facilitate coordination and cooperation among different stakeholders. During the spring, QA engineers are required to test new code, features or functionality on a consistent basis. So the test plan needs to be dynamic enough to meet the changing priorities of the day. Along with making the test plan, the testing team also needs to maintain it properly. As the agile test plan is owned by the testing team, the testers can discuss the objectives and requirements of the iteration with clients. The coordination among different stakeholders will further contribute towards making the release smooth.

Often testers are required to write a new test plan for each release. But they can write agile test plans in a number of ways. The test plan also needs to cover some key aspects of the project including scope of the release, what needs to be tested, and types of testing required. The agile test plan must be dynamic enough to organize test execution more effectively. If you are planing to hire application software testing company, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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