Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Mobile Apps with Test Automation

automated mobile app testing
Each enterprise has to make comprehensive plan to make its mobile apps popular. In addition to optimizing the performance, efficiency and aesthetics of the application, it also needs to beat competition by building the app rapidly. A rapid app development strategy will also make it easier for developers to publish updated version of the app, while increasing the number downloads. An organization can enhance the speed of development by automating the mobile app testing process. A comprehensive automated testing plan can further contribute towards optimizing the productivity and efficiency of the applications.

5 Reasons Why Enterprises Must Consider Mobile App Testing Automation

1) Early Detection of Errors and Bugs : Unlike manual testing methods, automated testing tools are more effective in identifying efforts, flaws and bugs in a mobile application during various stages of production. The testing professionals also have options to choose from a wide variety of mobile testing tools and frameworks. So it becomes easier for them to identify and fix the bugs without any delay. The earlier verification of flaws further contributes towards minimizing the chances of failure, along with saving time.

2) Easy to Reuse Test Scripts : Each tester has to put both time and effort to write and execute test scripts. Further, the test scripts need to be modified regularly according to changes in code. So the test scripts needs to be executed multiple times to identify all types of errors and flaws. The automated mobile app testing tools allow testers to run test scripts repeatedly without putting any extra effort. They can further reuse the same test scripts to evaluate apps of similar nature. The reusability of scripts enhances the overall productivity of the testing team, along with the development speed.

3) Smooth Inclusion of New Features : Developers often add innovative features to make the mobile app more efficient. Whenever a new feature is added, the project becomes more complex. Further, it becomes essential to evaluate the existing and new features to ensure that the app is running flawlessly. The automated testing tools make it easier for testers to evaluate the new as well as old features without any hassle. Unlike manual testing methods, the testing tools can check all features of the app without requiring any additional time. All features of the application can also be tested several times to ensure that it is delivering rich user experience and behavior.

4) Check the Performance of an App across Mobile Platforms and Devices : The popularity of a mobile app depends on its compatibility with several mobile operating systems and devices. The look, feel and performance of a mobile app also need to be optimized by targeting different mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. At the same time, the performance of different versions of the same application must be tested on various mobile platforms. An organization has to deploy a higher number of experienced testers to evaluate the app’s performance across different mobile devices and platforms manually. But the testing tools enable enterprises to evaluate different versions of the mobile app thoroughly without investing any extra time, money and resources.

5) Get Higher Return on Investment : With mobile application development becoming complex and competitive, it has becomes essential for each enterprise to explore options to reduce cost. The mobile app testing automation will contribute towards bringing down the development cost. The customized tools enable organization to avoid hiring experienced testing professionals. Further, the tools make it easier for the enterprise to promote the app by highlighting its high efficiency and flawless performance. As testing can be carried out simultaneously during various development cycles, it becomes easier for organizations to avail the advantages of test-driven mobile app development.

However, each organization cannot make its mobile apps more productive and efficient simply through test automation. The test automation must be customized according to the specific requirements of individual application development projects. At the same time, the plan can be further optimized using several mobile app testing best practices. You can hire testers from top automation testing companies who can help you in testing your application within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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