Mobile App Quality Takes More than Just Software Testing Automation

test automation servicesWith companies launching innovative handheld devices at regular intervals, it has become essential for developers to test each mobile application thoroughly. In addition to optimizing the aesthetic appeal of the application, the developers also need to identify and fix the flaws that affect its performance and efficiency. The complicated and complex nature of mobile application testing often encourages enterprises to use a variety of software testing automation tools.

These tools enable testers to identify the bugs, errors and flaws in a mobile app without putting any extra time and effort. But many experts have highlighted how the quality of an app cannot be optimized simply through software testing automation. In addition to choosing software testing automation tools according to the specific requirements of the project, an enterprise must consider a number of additional points to deliver rich user experience.

Innovative Ways to Optimize Mobile Application Testing

Test App Configurations Separately
While testing a mobile app, testers often ignore the changes in its configuration due to difference in mobile devices. For instance, the look, feel and certain features of the same app will vary when it is being accesses on a smartphone and tablet. The differences will not be significant, when the mobile version of a website is being tested due to browser capabilities. But the differences can be noticed while testing a native mobile app. As the differences can often result in configuration testing issues, the testers must understand how the app works due to changes in configuration. The issues can be further addresses more effectively by testing individual configuration separately.

Identify the Hardware Limitation of Each Handheld Device
Some of the web application testing techniques may not be applicable for mobile application testing due to the difference in both applications. Unlike web applications, the performance of a mobile app cannot be determined simply based on how many people will access it at a time. Instead of sending response to users at a slower pace, there are chances that the app may shut the mobile device down under heavy load. So the mobile app test plan must consider the hardware limitation of each mobile device. At the same time, the app must keep adequate memory free to enable users to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously.

Avoid Usability Test Automation
The look and feel of a mobile app often affects its popularity. So testers try to decide the font size and style that will impress the users. While planning usability testing, each enterprise must remember that the automation testing scripts lack the capability to decide the best look and feel of the app. Further, multiple test scripts need to be written and maintained to test the look and feel of the application on a smartphone and tablet. That is why; various aspects of the user interface must be tested manually to save both time and efforts. An enterprise can further avail a number of additional advantages by including manual usability testing in the overall software testing automation plan.

Look for Different Results
Each mobile application test plan must be flexible to deliver accurate results. Similarly, the testing professionals must be unbiased to evaluate various aspects of the mobile app thoroughly. Instead of deciding the errors or bugs they should try to find, testers must keep their eyes open to find new flaws. The same test script can also be modified and run several times to make the testing more effective and exploratory. There are always chances that they may discover a new bug or flaw in the application that the automatic test scripts failed to identify earlier.
The automation mobile testing process involves writing and maintaining several tests. But the frequency of the tests must match the changes in the mobile application coding. Each time the code is changed, it is important to rewrite the test scripts to get more accurate results. Similarly, the test scripts also need modification while testing the performance of the mobile application for multiple hand held devices. Looking forward to automate browser-based tests? Certified automation testers can help you achieve your goals within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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