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Many companies launch innovative applications at regular intervals to target the increasing number of mobile subscribers. Similar to the mobile applications, companies often look for the most impressive look and feel for their web applications to attract potential users, and engage existing users. Regardless of the type of application, it is a common practice among companies to deploy a team of application performance testers to thoroughly test the software made by developers.

However, many companies, nowadays, involve the application testing professionals from right from the project commencement to optimize their applications’ performance, reliability and user experience. Each performance tester has to understand the features, specifications and functionality of the app to ensure that the product is 100% error-free. So they will have a much better and clearer understanding about the functionality and features of the app, when the testing team is involved actively from the planning stage of the project.

Why Involve Your Testing Team Right from the Beginning

When your testing team starts testing the application after its development is done, it may prolong the project duration. According to the bugs and errors detected by the team, the developers have to change the existing coding, and append new scripts. The amount of time required for detecting and foxing bugs can be avoided when the team of developers and testers coordinate with each other from the planning stage of the project. Further, the testers will have a clear understanding about features, functionality and other important aspects of the application.

So they can test the application completely without putting any extra time and effort. Often performance tests have to be executed several times to check the accuracy of results. As the accuracy of result is essential for making your application powerful and popular, the testing team spends long hours in re-executing the performance test. When they constantly coordinate with the developer, the testers can share the test results to the developers immediately. It will make it more convenient for the team of developers to make the application bug-free.

How to Involve the Testing Team from the Project Planning Stage

Your development team will analyze the project requirements, and prepare the system requirement specification. After deciding the key details, the leader of the development team will share the information with the testing team through an informal meeting. The discussion will make it easier for the testers to clearly understand the key elements of the app development project including versions, deliverable, number of modules, and schedule of all models.

Based on the information collected from the application developers, the testing team-lead will make comprehensive test schedule and plan. Also, the test team-lead will schedule the test properly to avoid all types of delays and bottlenecks. He can further make individual testing strategy for each model. At the same time, he can also schedule and complete the unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
After preparing the test plan, the team lead will share it with the black-box and white-box testers individually. As each tester has the software requirement specification, he can prepare the required test case using the right automation tool or template. The test results will be then sent to the testing team-lead for review. Once the lead reviews and approves the test results, the tester can prepare the test environment by replicating the client side system setup.

So by the time the developers complete a specific module, the testers will be ready with the test environment to evaluate the coding. They can simply feed the software received from the developers into the test machine and start the actual testing. After testing the coding, they can share the interim testing report with the developers to fix the bugs and crashes. After bugs are fixed, the testing team will keep testing the software till they are sure that the application has become 100% error-free.

This may increase the cost of hiring software testing services by a marginal amount, but the returns would be tremendous in terms of the effort and time saved during the crucial hours of deployment.

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