Major Benefits of Automated Software Testing

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The development of computer software is not a very easy task. Besides development of the concept that lies behind the software, the software engineers also need to devise means and methodologies in order to guarantee complete application of the concept by the software that is being developed. Moreover, it is important for engineers to ensure that the developed software is devoid of any kind of glitches and bugs before they are released for public utility. This is exactly where the need for automated software testing comes into existence.

When you are administering software tests, obviously a point would come when you need to perform some tests again and again, simply to ensure that every base is covered. This is indeed convenient in case you are developing software that does not have a gigantic interface comprising a number of enormous features and specifications. However, in case of bigger programs and applications, it will be tiresome for any computer engineer to perform the tests repeatedly, even if there are only a couple of them. Additionally, identifying glitches and bugs will become greatly difficult in case you are trying to do the same manually. With the help of automated software testing, you just need to configure the tests in terms of the manner in which you wish them to be performed, and the rest will be done automatically.

In case you are incorporating a regression basis in mission critical testing applications, these mammoth software applications may perhaps also need as many as thousands of cases and tests to be performed in a repetitive manner. Moreover, these tests would be performed at any specific time. Due to this fact, automated testing scripts are being developed basically from scratch in order to meet the demand.

Software testing involves the following categories: Requirements Management, Functionality, Regression and Performance Testing, Test Case Preparation, Defect Tracking and Management, Test Management and Test Execution. Each one of the categories comes into play together and when the automated software testing system is being developed, all of them should be taken into account. 
Advantages of Automated Software Testing in a Nutshell

  • Time saving: Automation enhances the speed of the testing procedure and cuts down the testing lifecycle. Scripts can be run on multiple platforms or machines simultaneously at a pace quicker than that of a manual tester.
  • Quality enhancement: Automation increases the quality of the testing procedure through reliability, repeatability and comprehensiveness. In fact, the accuracy of the testing procedure is enhanced by curtailing the probability of human error and making the process less reliant on individual abilities.
  • More effective utilization of manpower: Automated software testing facilitates application of your time and skills in areas where they are most required. Manual testing can be adopted for validating new features while for regression, automation can be utilized. Most regression and functional testing can be performed unattended. In this way, you can concentrate more on key areas such as security and performance.
  • Increase of coverage: It is possible to test the manner in which the software reacts in case of repeated execution of similar operations. The same tests can be conducted across multiple configurations. Regression suites are capable of covering all the features of your application that might be hard to fulfill manually keeping in mind the application’s size. Moreover, a single automation code can be reused by different versions with a little modification.
  • Programmable: With the help of automated software testing, one is capable of programming sophisticated logic. Certain web applications make use of concealed information such as account information or session id, which are hard to verify manually. Again, there are some applications which are devoid of any user interface. All these can be conveniently tested through automated software. Moreover, logic can be programmed to respond differently to various kinds of situations and environments.
On the whole, automated testing services relieves software engineers of the laborious task of attending to every nook and corner of the developed application. The efforts can definitely be put in elsewhere for effective application development.

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