Selenium testing and its advantages

selenium automated testing
Testing is an integral part of any software development life cycle. We cannot ignore the importance of testing in the software development process because it is the key to success for any application or product. This is because testing makes an application or product more refined, so that it can possess better user interface and hence imparts better user experience to the end user. Tester has the responsibility to check each and every tiny modules of the application if they are working perfectly fine or not? Before a decade, testing was performed by manual testers who use their experience and expertise to test an application. But we cannot ignore some errors which are caused due to human errors. So, it was next to impossible, to test an application with hundred percent accuracy by the manual tester. To avoid this adverse situation, industry developed some software applications which can be used to test any type of application or product with maximum accuracy and in less time. These software applications are otherwise known as test automation tools.

Why Selenium: Selenium is one such automation testing tool which has received a tremendous demand in the market. This is because selenium is a perfect choice to test any size of web applications. In recent period we have seen a stupendous growth of web applications in the industry. This is because of a large number of new and advanced computer devices that have been introduced in the market in past few years. Now these handheld computer devices like smart phones and tablets can be used to browse internet from anywhere at any point of time using wireless mobile networks. This situation provides fuel to the web industry to grow up; as a result there is a sudden growth of web automation testing tools in the industry like Selenium.

Selenium for different applications: Selenium automation testers can not only test web applications but also Android applications. This makes the tool a powerful widget for the industry. Selenium testers can test different types of Android apps like native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. The best part is it supports all major browsers like internet explorer, firefox , safary etc. Hence the tester can not only check the functionality of a web application, but also he can test the compatibility of the application in different browsers.

Platform independent: Well Selenium is not limited to any specific platform like QTP (which is limited to windows operating system only). Rather it can be used in all operating systems like windows, MAC, UNIX, android, IOS etc. Hence, it enables the tester to test his application for multiple platforms and devices. It eliminates the use of any simulators to test the responsive property of a web application. Another important feature of Selenium is its multilingual support i.e. it can support different programming languages like Java, PHP, ruby and C# etc. So the tester needs to possess some basic scripting knowledge on these languages in order to develop testcases for the application. Last but not the least, Selenium tester has the ability o run multiple test at once. This improves the productivity of both the tester as well as software farm altogether.

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