Why Should Testers Test Applications Mercilessly?

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While testing the code written by them, software developers often misunderstand the requirements. That is why; a constant increase is being noted in the number of businesses getting their software applications tested by seasoned testers. The testers use a variety of software testing method to assess the quality of the application, and provide the most relevant information to various stakeholders.

The independent and objective view of testing professionals helps businesses in making applications that deliver flawless user experience. However, many experts recommend the testers to test the applications mercilessly. There are also a number of reasons why testers must be agile and merciless while testing the software application.

Why Testers Must Test a Software Application Mercilessly?

Facilitate Decision Making
Before deciding the product release, the decision makers need detailed information about the state of the software. They must know the exact state of the application to decide its release. For instance, the decision makers need to know if the software meets predetermined requirements, and conforms to required specifications. Also, they need to know the usability of the application along with known risks. When the testers test the application mercilessly, it will be easier for them to provide valuable and accurate information and insight into the state of the system, along with conformance to predefined requirements and specification.

Eliminate Costly Errors
Sometimes the flaws and errors in an application may cause financial losses to the company. There are many instances when a website crash or a single line error in the program results in huge financial losses for businesses. The quantum and nature of the loss, however, varies according to the usage of the application. But a business can always avoid financial errors by getting the bugs, errors and flaws in the software fixed before its release. The merciless and agile testing efforts are essential for businesses to avoid such losses.

Reduce Maintenances and Fixes
It is a common practice among enterprises to release updated version of software applications with bug fixes. Sometimes the flaws or bugs in an application also increase the required maintenances. So it is important for the company to release an application that delivers flawless user experience. When the testing professionals assess the software mercilessly it will be easier for them to assess all its aspects. The detailed testing will further help the company in fixing the bugs or flaws in the application before its commercial release.

Check if All Requirements are Met
To become popular, the application has to deliver flawless user experience. To deliver flawless user experience, the application must meet several requirements like performance, functional, usability, reliability and security. The testing professionals must verify all requirements to ensure that the system is flawless, while meeting the needs of end users. The testers must perform a variety of software testing to check if the application meets these requirements. At the same time, they need to use several software testing methods to identify what affect the application’s functionality, performance, usability and security.

Decide If the Application is Market Ready
A business has to invest both time and funds to build an application. Some businesses even launch expensive marketing campaigns to make the software popular. The popularity of the software will be affected directly by its flaws. So a business must consider several factors before launching the software to get higher returns. The merciless testing of the application will result in identification and fixing of all bugs, errors and flaws. Further, the information and insight provided by the tester will make the decision makers aware of the exact state of the product. Therefore, it will be easier for the business to decide if the software is ready for market or not.

Along with being agile and merciless, the testing professionals need to ensure that no aspect of the software remain untested. They can even consider using a variety of test automation tools to identify the bugs, fixes, and flaws in the software that remain undetected through manual testing efforts. If you are planing to hire software testing companies for software testing projects, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently dexterous or not!

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