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For everyone who uses a computer these days, dealing with web based applications is like water for the human body. There is a lot of dependence we as humans have on web based applications, when we access the net or when we look at preferences online for interaction tools. In that sphere, the new age now has Selenium IDE which is browser based along with an automated framework that helps cross all hurdles while developing software.

Significant Features
  1. It is a test framework for web apps which is written using DHTML as well as JavaScript. It supports a range of browsers and can help run within a browser too. With the help of its scripting abilities, the latter is achievable. It also uses TESTRUNNER which is written in JavaScript and can be very useful, especially when running tests from a well known browser.
  2. As an add-on of Firefox, the tool helps with advanced testing as well as creation. Interactions can be captured with the web app, which can then be turned into test case codes as well. The test case codes can be generated using c#, python, java, PHP, ruby, Perl and selenium’s native HTML common language too.
  3. With the help of selenium remote, one can run selenium tests across a wide network range. This includes, c#, python, java, PHP, ruby, Perl and more. Integration thus achieved is the best for frameworks across all networks, such as Junit along with NUnit, TestNG and even with selenium remote.
  4. The selenium grid helps the remote move on and run simultaneous tests or parallel ones across a range of testing machines. This helps to bring out more throughput in the long run, provides more integration and the grid helps the users run their own network as well.
  5. It helps user actions to be recorded, and saves them as reusable scripts, which can be edited at a later stage.

The installation

It is simple. One doesn’t have to be a geek at the process
  1. Get the IDE downloaded using Firefox from the selenium website
  2. Choose Install now
  3. Restart FireFox; now, you are ready to go.
Once the rebooting is done, there would be selenium IDE listings to go through, which can be found in the menu of Firefox tools.

Test case creation
It is now important to test as well as check, so here you go
  1. Choose Firefox tools > SELENIUM IDE
  2. Do something using the browser
  3. Stop recording of all actions using the RED BUTTON
  4. Save by clicking on FILE > SAVE
  5. Enter FILE NAME
  6. SAVE

Assertion or verification: Whats the difference?
For verifying something on a page, and if there are no elements present, this is when assertion should be used. Whereas, if even without the presence of elements you want the test to be continued, go ahead to use verification.

Add assert title
  1. Whatever comes before an assertion, right click on that action
  2. Go to the context menu and click on “INSERT NEW COMMAND”
  3. Choose the command for assertion
  4. Target value now needs to be entered.

Run it
  1. Go to tools> selenium IDE in Firefox
  2. Click on the file and open it
  3. Select the test case

Export it
  1. Go to FILE and choose “EXPORT TEST CASE AS”
  2. Choose the language, for example JAVA UNIT
  3. Enter the file name: “”

The role of each machine needs to be defined to understand how selenium works. The test cases mostly are run using the test runner machine. When using the remote control, one can have support from a range of programming languages, which includes the likes of java and C#.

There are those who use NUnit driving methods to write selenium tests in C# as well. These are tests that access languages which are specific for API, and which are provided by the esteemed “Selenium Remote Control Client Driver”. This driver then would convert all the important API calls or interactions into many requests of importance, which would be sent across the whole network and finally to Selenium Remote Control Server Component. Automation testing companies can make your job easier.

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