Agile Testing is Not just about Automation

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The discussion regarding how far agile testing and test automation are related remains incomplete without studying in details about each of them individually. Let us begin our discussion by looking into some principles of automated testing.

Principles of Test Automation
To begin with, it is a process that has to be executed by expert professionals in the field and it is certainly not a replacement of humans. Alongside, it is also a fact that this process, unlike test execution, has a lot many aspects attached to it. This process might fall victim to instant obsolescence at the same time. The tools that are used in implementation of the process are many and varied while the entire procedure is largely dependent upon product testability.

Principles of Agile Testing
Coming to the specific type of software testing services, the basic difference lies in the application of different principles of agile development to the problems that arise with respect to test automation. Some of the basic operating principles of this particular type of test automation are delineated as follows:
  • The tools that are used offer support for every aspect of the test project instead of supporting just the execution part.
  • The automation process is directed by professional testers. The support of expert programmers marks the progress of this particular process.
  • The programmers, also referred to as toolsmiths, advocate the testability features and lead to the production of tools that are capable of exploiting those features in the desired manner.
  • Testing is carried out to achieve short term goals.
  • Those tests that are meant to take place on a long term basis also necessitate a challenging business case.

The Tasks
There is a wide range of such tasks that need to be handled by programmers. Some of these tasks include responding to those assistance requests from the testers rather rapidly, identifying the test productivity issues and finding solutions to these issues. Application of the required technology to improve the quality of the process, researching the available tools and learning the precise ways of using these also comes within the scope of this process.

The Difference between the Two
Arriving at the point of discussion that is, agile testing is not about automation, it can be said that effective communication and collaboration are the most essential aspects of the former. In order to make the process successful, maximum emphasis has to be put on the quality aspect. The QA managers and their participation is extremely desirable in this regard.

Test automation, on the other hand, involves a use of the special software, other than the software that is being tested. The primary objective is to run a particular set of tests a number of times to make sure that the software remains intact and does not break as a consequence of the changes that are introduced. With the development teams adopting the practice of continuous integration, automated testing is considered to be a part of the procedure of the building of continuous integration.

So, for anyone willing to go for a premise of the test quadrant, not all the practices are applicable for automation. Now, this particular type of test is important, as it helps in understanding whether the desired thing is being built for the users.

It can be concluded saying that automation is a part of agile testing but the two are not integrated with each other. The procedures should be used in the right way and the implementation of the same carried out in the way it should be done. Both the process as well as the testers are inseparable and extremely essential components of the agile process.

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